Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just When I Thought I Was Out

It's been a long, long while since this blog has had a visit from the Census Bureau, but I learned today that they haven't forgotten me, oh no! I was actually thinking about writing a post about how long it's been since they've dropped by, but now no need to, eh? I feel so special.

Here's the phrase that was googled: complaint census "american community survey" complaints

First of all, it's funny that "google" is a verb now, isn't it?

Second, I love how the search term both begins and ends with variations on the word "complaint." Yes, indeed. I want this blog to be known for COMPLAINING about the American Community Survey. Complain. Complained. Complaint. Let's get 'em all in while we're at it.

By the way, I'm #8 on that results list! I'm so very proud. Very. Proud. :o)

I get at least 10 ACS-related hits per day--that's probably 2,000 or more total hits since we first received our lovely little survey last December and I began writing about our experience. That 2,000 is a goodly portion of my overall hits, about 6%.

That tells me that a whole bunch of people are wondering about or pissed off by this (particular) terrible intrusion of our privacy by our government. Our government. Hmph. I think from now on that I will refer to it as "the" government because it no longer feels like mine.

Just in the last few days, here are a few of the phrases people searched on that brought them here:

  • why is american community survey required
  • "american community survey" ignore
  • american community survey court cases
  • us bureau of census supervisory field representative visited my house
  • letter about american community survey
  • american community survey 2008 fight

That last one in particular makes me really smile. Fight. American Community Survey 2008 Fight.

So many decisions made by the government lately need fighting. Yes. The ACS is perhaps but a minor violation compared to the craziness of the last couple of weeks. But it still needs fighting and I encourage any of you who have received it and are wondering about it to continue the fight by refusing to submit your private information to the government. They're violating our rights enough these days without our help.

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Anonymous said...


I'm going to fight. If they come to my door banging, I will bang back and not open it and then I will say, Heil, Hitler. Or I could answer all the question wrong. Or I could scribble all my other anti-government thoughts on the answers.