Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Round Up Of My Brain

I have several things that I just need to get out, so I figured, why not do a round up of my brain?

The latest edition of the Objectivist Round Up is over at The Crucible & Column. It's one of our best carnivals yet--focused on the financial crisis. Tired of reading the same kinds of articles from the MSM? Then be sure not to miss this round up!

Got this in my Inbox this is now selling real estate! Clever.

Speaking of real estate, wanna rent a mountain cabin in North Georgia? Rentals have been down this year over last year, which is unsurprising given the state of the tourism industry and the difficulty finding gas in Atlanta. But it's still doing okay--we have Thanksgiving and Christmas booked already, so that's good. But we have several weekends this month available and into November, too. Our fall foliage doesn't peak until mid-October to early November, so it's not to late to enjoy a beautiful autumn in the mountains!

I wrote about the TEDDY (The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young) study shortly before Sean was born. We participated, or rather, Sean participated since it was his extra drop or two of blood that was donated. Given that Brendan is a Type 1 diabetic, we definitely wanted to take that opportunity to find out if Sean had any of the genetic markers that would increase his diabetes risk. I was told that it would be 12 weeks before we heard the results. Well, 12 weeks came and went, then 13 and 14. I was starting to get nervous. Finally, we received a letter yesterday:

We are happy to report that we found no genes that place him at higher risk than the general public. . . . [H]is chances [of developing Type 1 diabetes] are no higher than the average American, which is about 1 in 300.

1 in 300--I'll take it. The standard risk for a child with a father who has Type 1 is 6 -10% (it's slightly different if the mother has it). We do have the option of getting Ryan and Morgan tested, but I don't know if we'll do that necessarily, since there's not much we'd be able to do to prevent it. On one hand, it sure is nice to know that Sean's risk is average, but on the other hand, would knowing that one of the others had that increased risk be more stressful than it's worth? We already know that they have an increased risk. I don't know, we're still thinking about it.

And yay for all of the states dragging their figurative behinds on the Real ID thing! I renewed my driver's license online last night and it's obvious that Georgia hasn't changed a freaking thing. Yay. My new driver's license is good for 10 years!

Gotta go for now--another busy day of fun-filled activities lies before us. I'll be back later with a link to the food allergy blog carnival and maybe more random thoughts. Thanks for joining me on this tour around my brain and hope you return soon!

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