Friday, October 03, 2008

Weird Question Of The Day

Ryan: Mom, don't you think that if somebody couldn't imagine anything, that something might be wrong with their brain?

Uh, I suppose so--most humans are really good at imagining things.


Kevin said...

The best question ever came from my nearly 4 year old daughter Allison. While sitting in her bed waking up from her nap she had this conversation with my wife:

A: "Mommy, can I stick my head in my A hole?"

M: "?! what?"

A: "I know mommy, I'm being silly, it's too small."

M: "?!?!? what are you talking about?"

A: points up at triangular hole in the middle of a painted wooden A. She has her name hanging on the wall in her room.

M: looses it in laughter.

Tenure said...

^ That is just astoundingly funny.

Myrhaf said...

A person who could not imagine things would not have a conceptual faculty. Imagining something is bringing the concept to conscious awareness.

Rational Jenn said...

Kevin--THAT is hilarious!

Myrhaf--Yes, thanks! I was driving in heavy traffic with a screaming baby when presented with that question and so didn't really think through my answer. We did carry on to talk about how human brains are the ONLY brains that can imagine and that cats (for example) don't imagine at all. So the answer is an unqualified "yes" and maybe next time I'll mention the word "concept" and see where the conversation goes from there.

Kelly said...


Jenn, I was thinking "Yes, they're called rationalists!". Seriously, though. I've found the rationalistic types I know to have a lot of problems thinking creatively.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ryan, just keep imagining good things for the economy. Keep it up, little peopleguy!