Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where I Tell You About My Voting

In case you were wondering, here are some of my thoughts on this election.

President: I can't. I just can't. I won't be a party to either disaster. I have to think of The Children.

Senate: Saxby Chambliss (R) must go, if only for the fact that he voted in favor of the bailout, you know, for our own good. Now normally, I'd vote for the Republican since I think Obama is going to win and I'm all for gridlock. But Chambliss needs to go, so it's looking like Jim Martin will get my vote. (Sigh.)

Congress District 11: Now I'm not that big of a Phil Gingrey (R) fan, especially since he once attended one of our homeowners' association meetings and defended the state's development plans with the following: "Well, in 1973, there was nobody living up here so the state designated that land for the Department of Transportation's big old Welcome Center. We can't just change our minds--they decided it in 1973!!!!" No, really. That happened. He was our state congressman/senator at the time. Then he went to the Big Kid Congress. BUT. He didn't let me down--he voted NO on the bailout both times. And for (mostly) good reasons. So I might vote for him again. Also, he's a Republican, so that helps with my gridlock plan. I might change my mind, but I'm thinking Yes on Gingrey.

State Senate District 37: John Wiles (R) is unopposed. He's kind of meh, a typical Republican, probably a nice guy. Since he's unopposed, I'll just leave it blank.

State House District 35: Current Representative Ed Setzler (R) is running against Democrat Jason Adams. A quick perusal of Adams' website makes me not want to vote him though. He's a high school civics teacher who keeps referring to our government as a democracy. He's also explicitly against school choice--I don't know where he stands on homeschooling, but his stance doesn't bode too well. Setzler is okay--some things I like, some I hate. Don't know if I'll vote for him. Need to think on it some more. But I definitely will not vote for Adams.

School Board 4: It is my strict policy to vote against the incumbent. Sadly, I don't think Seat #4 is up for reelection this time. These are the "Evolution is Just a Theory" sticky note people, whose crazy actions brought nationwide notoriety to Cobb County a few years back. So I will not rest until they are all gone.

Judges: Bloody hell. There are about 2 dozen judge/justice/clerk/commissioner positions up for grabs. Hmph. I won't vote for anyone running unopposed (seems to be no point). The others, I'll have to research a bit. If I don't get a chance to research them, I'll probably leave them blank.

Cobb County Commission Chairman: Sam Olens is running unopposed, which is too bad, because I'd vote for Britney Spears if she were running against him. That's how much I'm NOT voting for Sam Olens.

Important Questions:

Shall Cobb County, Georgia, for the purpose of providing funds to acquire land located in Cobb County for use as public parks in perpetuity, issue bonded debt in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $40,000,000? NO. (Is there a 'Hell No' box I can check?)

Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the General Assembly by general law shall encourage the preservation, conservation, and protection of the state´s forests through the special assessment and taxation of certain forest lands and assistance grants to local government? NO.

Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize community redevelopment and authorize counties, municipalities, and local boards of education to use tax funds for redevelopment purposes and programs? NO.

Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize the General Assembly to provide by general law for the creation and comprehensive regulation of infrastructure development districts for the provision of infrastructure as authorized by local governments? I can barely understand that question, so NO.

And there you have it!


C. August said...

I'm struck by the fact that all the ballot questions in GA represent things in MA that have long since been ceded.*

* I don't know this for a fact, but in essence, most of the concepts that these questions represent are individual rights violations that MA citizens take for granted. In fact, I'd be shocked if there were rules on the books here that protected the rights of citizens at all, in any respect.

Rational Jenn said...

You're probably right. That's one of the reasons I like living in one of those "backwards" Southern states. We're not really backwards, but it does take us longer to catch up to those "progressive" New England states and California. I'd rather be a little--no, A LOT--behind in matters like these.

Here's hoping we choose to remain backwards and slow! :o)

C. August said...

I agree, but what seems to happen in that "vacuum" of ideas -- i.e., just movin' slow and keeping with tradition -- is that religion takes the place of principles. So where the altruist/socialist version of destruction is visited upon us in the Northeast, the altruist/religionist version runs rampant in the South and Midwest.

While we have to deal with Universal Healthcare here in MA, you have to deal with a governor who leads prayer vigils for rain.

In my pessimistic moments, this type of comparison leads me to think that we are totally screwed.

Rational Jenn said...

C--That's a very astute observation. Unfortunately.

Sometimes I'm also inclined to think we're screwed. But then my optimism? force of will? determination? gets the better of me and I resolve again to FIGHT. :o)