Saturday, November 29, 2008

About Thanksgiving

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? We had a nice time with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. Turkey was roasted, rolls were baked, wine and martinis went down like water. We watched the parade on television and football in the afternoon. We avoided Black Friday because we are not insane (at least when it comes to retail). Good times.

A holiday that celebrates the harvest is such a great, American thing. The traditional symbol is, of course, the cornucopia. I think the modern symbol might be the grocery store. The very productivity and achievement celebrated was evident to me the night before Thanksgiving, when, at the grocery store for the zillionth time, there were still lots of turkeys available, all the ingredients for a last-minute pumpkin pie were right there at the front of the store, any other food you might possibly want or need--was right there. Yes, the grocery store is a modern, mega-sized cornucopia--open it up and food practically falls out onto your lap.

My experience with the gas shortage is still close; it's difficult not to draw a comparison between gas and food, to vividly remember the feeling of shock at the discovery that something typically so abundant was just gone. I really wonder what the next few months and years will bring. No, I'm not giving over to despair--I'm honestly just wondering. Wondering how long it will take Americans to realize that a shackled, tied-down, restricted producer produces less than one free to roam and think and risk. That elimination of risk is not a protection, but rather a guarantee of failure.

I hope people figure it out sooner rather than later. I want there to always be tons of grocery stores filled up with food at 9:00pm the night before Thanksgiving.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I like your post.
Funny, but I wrote that thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, and for much the same reasons you did.

But I never thought of the grocery store as a cornucopia! What a delightful and true image.

I enjoy the feel of our grocery in Edgewood the night before Thanksgiving. Piles of produce, and people exchanging wisdom on how to best cook a turkey over at the meat counter. Since New Mexico is also know as Manana Land (imagine the tilde over the first n), the store also helpfully has some thawed turkeys available to the last-minute shopper.
There's a happy feeling as shopper bustle about with lists, and celebrate their finds. Where else but in American can you find a cute little turkey butter sculpture to grace your Thanksgiving table?

And you are right. The grocery store is a real symbol of peace and abundance.

Hope your turkey came out just right!

kelly said...

i also like to experience the buzz in the grocery store the day before thanksgiving...never really knew why but i think your post gives a good explanation as to why. hope you had a great turkey day!

Procrastination Free Living said...

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