Sunday, November 23, 2008

Again With The Cuteness

Over at the FamBlog!

Also, for your entertainment, I give you my kids as:

Disco Elves

Old Timey Elves

Country Elves


Jazzy Elves


Yes, I know! My house is a wreck, I can hardly make it to the grocery store, I've got a million things I should have taken care of three days ago, but I still managed to bring you a little bit of early Christmas cheer! Aren't you getting in the holiday mood now? You're welcome!


Liriodendron said...

LOVE IT!!!! Your kids ROCK!

MamaJen said...

Do you realize - I never have before now - that R and M have the *exact same* smile??

Too cute!

LB said...

So cute!

Love the new elf dances.

I spent hours on the jazzy elves last year and learned that Pugs make particularly hilarious/scary looking elves.