Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funny Question Of The Day

Ryan and Morgan are going to be in a wedding this afternoon. It will be pretty cute, I think! (Pictures soon!) And we're all very happy for our friends. :o)

So, a little while ago, I was trying to prep the kids a bit for their roles (ring-bearer and flower girl) and I asked them if they had any questions about what is going to happen today. Ryan immediately piped up with:

"Are there going to be any Bad Guys there?"

Well, no, only their friends and family are invited, and we're all Good Guys.

"But what if the Bad Guys sneak into the wedding even though they're not invited?"

The Bad Guys don't know about it because only the Good Guys got invitations.

"But what if they looked into someone's mailbox and stole the invitation and found out about the wedding?"

Our friends only sent email invitations, so there was nothing to take from anyone's mailbox.

"But what if the Bad Guys got the email invitations?"

Well, you can't do that unless you know the email password.

"But what if they go there anyway and try to steal the rings?"

Oh, they'll keep the rings safe until it's your time to hold them.

"Are there people guarding the rings just in case?"

And on and on and on and ON until I finally said, "Do you have any questions about what you need to do in the wedding?"

"Oh yes, should I walk or run when I'm the ring-bearer?"

Now THAT was the kind of question I was anticipating! I guess it's all in how you phrase things at the outset, huh?


Tenure said...

Hopefully if he runs, it doesn't end up like this:

Flibbert said...

If it were my wedding, I would like him to run.

Of course, I wouldn't be in a church and it wouldn't be a terribly formal ceremony-type thing. And if there's anything completely appropriate for my wedding it would be having someone tearing around like a maniac to get something done.