Monday, November 03, 2008

I Can't Look

At least it'll be over soon and we'll only have one bonehead to listen to. I hope it'll be over soon--no more hanging chads, you hear me, Florida?

Suddenly, I'm popular! I've never received so many phone calls from friendly-sounding politicians asking for my vote. I'm tempted to think that I'm only getting calls from the ones scared about losing. I think Saxby Chambliss must be freaking out, I've received so many calls. YAY.

I'm going to vote early tomorrow. I might have to bring the baby--maybe he'll freak out and get us moved to the front of the line! (I can dream.)

In other news, I'm watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with Ryan right this moment and it's so enjoyable! I had quite forgotten. My history-archaeology peopleguy is really hooked and has convinced all of his friends to play Indiana Jones with him. I suspect that the Big Hole in the backyard is going to be much deeper very soon. :o)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, to be a child again, and not worry about what tomorrow will bring.

I can't look either. I am considering getting a really good bottle of Stoly to toast the new motherland tomorrow night.

Dobre Dyom, Tovarishchi!

C. August said...

It doesn't matter how many times I hear/see it, every time "Saxby Chambliss" comes up, I think it should be: "Sax 'B' Chambliss"

For that reason alone--though perhaps because he also advocated praying for rain--I can't take him seriously.

Vote for Sax "B"!

What the hell kind of a name is "Saxby"? I know the South is weird, but WTF?

Rational Jenn said...

Elisheva, I hear you about being a child again. I remember "voting" for Jimmy Carter in the Weekly Reader election (I was in Kindergarten) because I thought he had nice teeth. Seems as good a reason as any.

When asked who he would vote for, Ryan said "Both" because he wasn't sure who was going to win. He really hates to be on the losing side of anything!

Morgan said she'd vote for herself. I like the way she thinks!

And C, yes, Saxby. Saxby Chambliss. That name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I kinda feel bad for the guy, with a name like that (and you know I have some experience living with a challenging name). It might be a Southern thing--I don't really know!

I still hope he loses, even though his opponent is, according to my neighbor, a "lying weasel." Saxby's phone calls want me to vote for him so he can go back to Washington to "fight for me." Unless he doesn't listen to me and everyone else in GA and votes for some crappy piece of legislation for our own good, because he's got to make the "hard decisions." BS. He's sooooo not fighting for me! He just really likes his job and I hope he loses it.

Okay, enough. Don't get me started. I said I wasn't going to look!