Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Home

I'm back from Indianapolis! I flew into the old airport and out of the new airport, so In with the Old, Out with the New! I thought that was clever--my dad appreciated my humor anyway.

Things went smoothly, for the most part, and it was nice to see my extended family. Although I'm left with an unexpected feeling of sadness that it will now be more difficult for us all to see each other, since our grandfather was sort of a focal point for family gatherings. I wonder when I'll see them all again and I really hope it's not at another funeral.

I got to take a few items to remember my grandfather (and grandmother, who died 25 years ago) with me. Some things--like my grandpa's dogtags and canes from his very extensive collection--are for my kids. Others--like my grandma's candy dish, which we always tried to swipe candy from whenever possible--are for me. Also, I am to be the recipient of the grandfather clock which my grandfather built. Very nice. Although whenever I think of that, I sing the song "My grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf, so it stayed ninety years on the floor...." in my head. It is special though, and I'm honored to have it. It somewhat makes up for the fact that my mother kept introducing me as "The Oldest Grandchild" to everyone at the wake. (The Youngest Grandchild is 8 years old, just 2 years older than Ryan.) "Oldest Grandchild." I am SO not old! (At least, not until next week.)

I'm glad to be back home, but I am surrounded by nothing but Important Things To Do for the next few days. Many of which involve paying attention to/snuggling Morgan, who was very, very upset at my absence. (And why not? I'm pretty freaking awesome!) So it seems that it will be a few more days before I can get things settled enough to write on the blog. If you're in need of some Rational Jenn-related posts, then I recommend either (or both!) the Objectivist Round Up or the Living with Food Allergies blog carnivals.

Going to bed now. Long day tomorrow of unpacking, picking up, laundry, locating Christmas decorations for the cabin, going to the grocery store, and intermittent story-reading and child-snuggling. Thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

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