Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm It!

WHEREAS Amy, one of my new Objectivist mommy online friends (do you think Diana can start us an OMommy list?), tagged me, and

WHEREAS I have a million and one things to do before my family arrives on Wednesday, and

WHEREAS I am, apparently, never too busy to use this blog as a procrastination tool,

I'm now going to tell you 6 Random Things about me!

Random Thing The First:

I can cross my pinky toes over the next-door-neighbor toes without using, well, anything. I can just do it.

Random Thing The Second:

I was never, ever, in a million-zillion years going to have any children. Nope, not one! The lesson in this is that you can always change your mind. (Or maybe that's lose your mind.)

Random Thing The Third:

I collect Pocket Dragons, figurines and artwork created by artist Real Musgrave. I got my first one in 1989 and have about 3 dozen now. Some of them are worth quite a bit of money, excepting, of course, the ones that "got broked" accidentally by Morgan. That's okay, I'm not ever planning on selling my collection, so if they're a bit loved, then so be it. Pocket Dragons represent the "benevolent universe" to me. They make lovely Christmas gifts as well! Love 'em.

Random Thing The Fourth:

My maiden name is Blewett. Growing up with such a surname was, as you might imagine, a, um, how should I put this? A "character-building" experience. :o) Some characters named Blewett have minor roles in the Anne of Green Gables series of novels (really good, btw). My actual Blewett ancestors came from Cornwall and many of them settled in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, which I intend to visit very soon. Oh hey! There's a webcam, cool!

Random Thing The Fifth:

I can still recite "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge from memory. And no, it still doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense to me. Still, the lines "It was a miracle of rare device,/A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice!" give me goosebumps!

Random Thing The Sixth:

I am a bit, but not truly, ambidextrous. My dominant hand is my right hand, but I can write very legibly with my left hand. And there are many things I naturally do lefty, like open soda cans, gymnastics (back when I was young, of course), put stamps on envelopes, carry babies (but strangely, not my purse or bag). Ryan took so long to decide on his dominant hand that I'm wondering if he'll be the same way.

So there we go! Apologies if I've repeated myself--I've done a couple of these things before and there are a finite number of really terribly amazing things about me. I know, my toe-crossing thing must just be fascinating! Also, most of this post was composed and typed while wrangling children, but I don't have the wherewithal or time to proof it. If you notice anything really strange, feel free to attribute it to my own personal uniqueness.

And if the mood or need to procrastinate strikes you, complete this meme and let me know!

Gotta go--the baby just spit up in my hair! (That was an extra-bonus random thing about me. Lucky you!)


suchlovelyfreckles said...

So, I'm reading this and I catch myself trying to cross my pinky toe over the one next to it, and it's NOT happening.

I'm with you on never wanting to have children. How I ended up with three, is a miracle. :)

Beer Monkey said...

Weird. I thought I was the only person who could cross their little toe over the next one like that. It used to freak my mother out because I would do it without thinking and she would see my toes like that, and think they were broken!

There's a Land's End outlet store in Mineral point where you can get really cheap stuff, but the selection is kind of random. And don't forget to get fresh curds at Hook's Cheese Factory!

Silvia said...

Hi Jenn--I'd love to have an entry from you for the COH this time around. I'm hosting the next one, coming out on Dec 2nd, and would love a bit more diversity in the entries. :)