Saturday, November 08, 2008

Running Out Of Sand

It always seems that time just zips by after Halloween, just as that last bit of sand in the hourglass seems to fall faster than the first.

I have done none of my holiday shopping--NONE! Which is not like me at all and I'm beginning to feel the pressure. Think it'll be a Gift Card kind of year. Personally, I like getting gift cards--they are small and non-cluttery, and give me options. I really liked using the Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card last April to buy something I needed for the kitchen. Christmas gets spread out all year long! But I realize that many people (possibly some people in my family) view gift cards as impersonal. This year, I'm thinking of that saying about the mouths of gift horses.

I need to get Christmas card pictures done. I have something for each child to wear and it's all color-coordinated and stuff, which is hard (for me) to do with kids of different genders. We're going up to the cabin next weekend to relax and decorate it for the holidays. I think that will be a perfect setting for their Christmas card pictures this year, don't you?

My parents, sis and bro-in-law, and possibly brother are coming here this year for Thanksgiving. While I am of course glad not to be traveling, having people here involves some planning and effort. I have a tentative menu and I know I'll have lots of help making the food, so why am I stressing? Actually, I'm only doing some low-level stress about it--perhaps residual habitual stress from all of those years when I STRESSED about the holidays. I have definitely learned to chill since having kids. It's just difficult to go out shopping with all of The People--thank the gods for the internet! I can pre-order my turkey and other meats from my butcher online and just schedule a time to go pick it up. Super yay.

I'd like to take Sean to see Santa--did you know Santa is already at the mall? Well, he is! We have a cute picture of Ryan as a baby seeing Santa. Ryan wore the very same outfit Brendan wore when he saw Santa as a baby. So I think we'll have Sean wear it, too. (Morgan had her very own cute Santa outfit.) The older kids will refuse to see Santa, which is fine. Although I'm a bit concerned that Ryan will try to engage the poor man in a debate as to whether he's real and/or alive. :o)

Even before Thanksgiving, we have so much going on. There's ballet pictures for Morgan (that's today). Our friends are getting married in a couple of weeks (yay!) and Ryan and Morgan are in the wedding peopleguy party (ring bearer peopleguy and flower girl peopleguy). I need to get outfits for them and a fancy hat for me. The wedding should be lots and lots of fun, and the kids are very keen on participating. Also on the schedule, my birthday, which I've decided needs celebrating over the course of several days, possibly a week. It's not a milestone birthday, but I don't care. :o) And holiday decorating and baking for Thanksgiving and somehow the house needs to be presentable. Although I must be honest and say that while I'm not satisfied with the amount of clutter at any given moment, I have developed a certain ability to keep things hovering at about where they currently are without allowing them to devolve into complete chaos. So that's nice.

On top of everything else, I have a sick baby (ear infection), a very ill grandfather to be concerned about, an HEIR board meeting tomorrow, reading and history lessons, child chaffeuring, a new government which needs monitoring, some blog-related developments which I'll talk about later, and some creative/business venturey ideas which need working on (one is food allergy-related).

Now that I've listed everything under the sun I need to do, don't you think it's funny that I've taken the time to write on the blog? I do! This blog is really beneficial to my mental well-being. The stress I was feeling when I began this post is now pretty much gone and I'm very happy to live such a full and interesting life with lots of exciting happenings going on at all times.

Complete non-sequitur: Can anyone recommend a WWII movie that would be appropriate for my 6.5 year old? Ideally, such a movie would show lots of Nazis getting wiped out (although movies set in the Pacific theater would be considered). I'm thinking something made in the 50s--where there are lots of explosions and action but not the graphic violence of Saving Private Ryan. Thanks!


C. August said...

Here's a site that lists most every WWII movie made.

But one I'd definitely recommend is The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. Not sure if it's too tense for Ryan, but it's not graphically violent. It's generally acknowledged to be one of the best WWII movies ever made.

C. August said...

I just did a bunch of searches for WWII Nazi-related movies, looking in the 1930s 'cause it was the golden age of cinema, but I just couldn't find any from the 30s. I just can't believe they didn't make any back then.

C. August said...

I'm obviously kidding. It was much too soon. You know, the memories were too fresh in the 30s.

Kelly said...

Wow, you are one busy lady! Enjoy celebrating your birthweek. You are one busy productive gal, and you deserve a celebration :) On a girly not, good for you on getting a fancy hat for that wedding. Fancy hats rock! :-P

On the note of WWII movies, I really liked Stalag 17 when I was a kid, though I think I was a bit older than Ryan. It's based in a POW camp, so not much fighting. But there are some definite "good guys" and "bad guys" in it, which is a point in it's favor.

Beer Monkey said...

You might check out the movie "Midway." No Nazis getting killed, but 4 Japanese aircraft carriers getting bombed and sunk by American heroes is a good thing. And best of all it's a true story! There are all kinds of books about the battle of Midway if Ryan wants to learn more.

Amy said...

That's so funny - every time I blog about how busy I am I feel like people must think I'm a hypocrite for spending time writing about it. It really helps, though, I agree!

LB said...

We're scheduled to watch Tora! Tora! Tora! tonight (and probably tomorrow). Will let you know what we think.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I really liked Tora! Tora! Tora!
The Boychick watched it when he was about 8, but I think Ryan is up to it. It is so much better than Pearl Harbor!

Also, the World At War Series is pretty good, though there isn't much action.

The Great Escape--mentioned by c. august above--is very good and we all enjoyed it.

You are right that Private Ryan is too graphic, but it also does not really deal with the reasons for the war.

Good luck!

LB said...

Here is my report: sadly, I napped through the politics and policies that led up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the attack portion of the movie was very well done. It gave me a good sense of the chaos on the ground without being too graphic with human bodies. Stephen really liked it, 10 year-old daughter, not so much. Joseph Cotten is always a bonus.

Fair warning: you will probably need to read the subtitles for the Japanese speakers and want to turn up the TV a lot when they are speaking - like that's going to help.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi everyone! You all ROCK! Not only for all of your suggestions and links, but for the plain fact that you actually read the whole post and got to the WWII part of it. :o)

Thanks so much for your ideas. We might download a couple of these movies on iTunes and try them out. Ryan recently saw the 1st and 3rd Indiana Jones movies (we skipped the 2nd one because A) it's bad and B) more graphic than the others and C) kids as slaves--might not go over too well). So he is raring to go with Bad Guy Nazis and Good Guys kicking some butt. I'm sure he'll enjoy movies about Pearl Harbor, too. Thanks muchly!

And C--you're funny 'bout the '30s.

Anonymous said...

The Longest Day is a classic. I think it might even be halfway appropriate for kids.