Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wordpress, Anyone?

I'm contemplating a move to Wordpress. If you feel strongly either way (Blogspot vs. Wordpress), let me know. I think that WP might have more flexibility, but I'm concerned that it will require more fiddling. I don't like to fiddle. Or, if I must fiddle, then it needs to be pretty straightforward and above all, quick.


By the way, you simply MUST come to our cabin one of these days. (And thanks to those of you who have paid us a visit!) It was so amazingly beautiful up there this weekend, misty and cold. The lights went out for about an hour last night, so we all snuggled close around the fireplace and ate s'mores and had a blast. Then just as Ryan and Morgan were settling down, wham! The lights suddenly came back on and got everyone all reenergized. Oh well.

Waking up in the morning to that gorgeous view is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. We're going to go back very soon (privileges of ownership), but we'd love it if you could come, too! :o)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

One of these days, I think we might just rent your cabin . . .

About Wordpress. I got an account last summer in order to participate in a restricted blog about AS. And so I could set up my blog over there. BUT . . .
I would have to learn much more programming language, and I would have to find the delightful little gadgets that Blogger has set up and waiting for me.

And I just haven't had the time . . . I keep thinking I will, as Wordpress has the reputation of greater flexibility in some ways. But it is also reputed to be much more time consuming. At first.
My guess is that as you work at it, you will get better at it.

But given my time constraints, I believe my blog would just die first. And my readership has decreased since we stopped homeschooling. It is only now beginning to pick up again. I'd rather wait for a while before making another change.

Anyway, I don't think this is much help to you. But these are my thoughts.

Good luck! And please, just don't go away. I like reading your blog!

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C. August said...

I think EHL is right. I looked into WP when I first thought about blogging -- a whole 11 months ago (I can't believe it's been only since March that I launched!) And even though I do web programming every day for work, the barrier to entry of having to do a lot of fiddling was what pushed me away. I just wanted to spend my time writing, not messing with WP.

So, I'd ask... WHY are you contemplating a switch? You say WP had more flexibility, but what is Blogger doing (or not doing) that is an issue?

Is the potential switch just for kicks? Or is there something specific you're hoping to do?

Rachel said...

Yes, how is Blogger inadequate for you? I set Word Press up on my own site a while back and have gravitated back to Blogger because it just wasn't worth the time commitment.

As far as I can tell, there has been a greater volume of user-composed resources published for WP than for Blogger, and of course if you have your own installation you'll always be able to be more versatile than you will with a hosted setup.

But it all really depends on what you want to do. I find Blogger more than adequate for very casual blogging.

Kelly said...

Dan and I want to take an extended trip down south (like a week, which is extended for us!) and visit with all you cool Georgia folks. Sometime when we're down in Greenville visiting his family, we'll take a day or two. We'd love to meet you when we can :)

I'd love to hear what you decide on Blogger vs. Wordpress. I've got a goal to start a blog, and I'm in the process of finding out about the different platforms :)

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. The main thing that attracts me to Wordpress blogs is the ability to have pages as tabs. I would love to reorganize the blog a bit, have tabs for static information, such as the two blog carnivals, Objectivism, etc. However, I think that neat little feature just isn't worth my time right now, given that I can't work on anything for more than 30 seconds straight without interruption anyway! Maybe I ought to explore a different Blogspot template. And I love blogs with 3 columns, too. It wouldn't be hard to create the pages I'm thinking of and make sidebar links to those, now would it?

Part of this is that I'm trying to rethink where I want to go with the blogging. I like my eclectic mix of homeschooling, Objectivism, funny kid stories, parenting, current events, but I'd like to be a little more organized about it somehow. Maybe I'm just restless because I can foresee a time not too far away in which I might be able to write better posts than I have in the last 8 months or so (mostly because Sean is getting a little, ever so slightly less dependent on me for every single second of the day). Yes, I'm definitely restless and filled up with so many things to write about.

Kelly--drop me a private email and we'll figure out how to get in touch when you get to town! There are so many people down here who would love to meet you both (or see you again, as the case may be?). Yay!

Amy Mossoff said...

Did you mean the free hosted blog or buying your own domain and using the free software? I wanted my own domain so I decided to use the wordpress software, but I also wanted tabs, just like you. I intend to use my site as a portfolio at some point, and the blog will just be one tab. But if I were you, I wouldn't switch until I had to. I manage my blog with very little work, but setup did take some time. Don't switch until you have a clear need.

Martin Lindeskog said...

I have used Blogger for six years and I am happy with it. If you want to have a 3 column template, you could get it from Blogcrowds. For more information, read my post, EGO Sand Dollar Template.

Amy Mossoff: You have nice site.

Rachel said...

Jen, I use a three column template in Blogger. Let me know if you'd like a copy of it. It's pretty easy to change column widths, too. And it's pretty easy to change the decorations.

I love tabbed blogs in WP but it was just a little too much work for the payoff and I never really dug deep enough to implement it.

But I agree that once you get it all set up it'll be simplicity to maintain.

Bill Brown said...

You can do anything with Wordpress. It's pretty powerful without any tinkering. But when you want to fiddle, you can *easily* get yourself into inextricable trouble if you don't know what you're doing. I say this as the admin for two WP blogs of my own plus another two for others.

For me the biggest thing about Wordpress is that I host it on my own account and I own all the data. If you've ever tried to back up your Blogspot entries, you know that it's a huge pain. And there are stories about Google accidentally (in the sense of without malice) shutting down Blogger accounts. It's probably very rare, but I'd hate to have it happen.

I don't know your level of competence with PHP, HTML, or CSS but if it's decent and you've got time to fiddle, buy a hosting account and domain and see what you can do. When the time comes and you've got it just so, you can switch over.

Anonymous said...

i agree with amy that you should pause before leaping. i feel strongly that you should continue blogging, only.: D