Sunday, December 21, 2008


Seems like no matter how much I have to do, I always have time to write about it on this blog, don't I? It's okay though--I'm trapped here with baby, so I can't actually DO anything about my list anyway.

TO DO List:

  • Laundry--I began my laundry adventures this morning to the realization that the cat peed on the laundry that was left over in the dryer from last night. %@!&*%(#@ WTF? Is she channeling the other cat's spirit or something? (Our recently departed kitty was the one who was lax in the litterbox department.)
  • Packing--we're not leaving until tomorrow afternoon, so I've got time on this one.
  • Get new car seat for Sean--I'm not going to wait for the pediatrician appointment tomorrow to confirm what I already know, which is that Sean has already outgrown the baby bucket.
  • Pick up the house a bit--because I hate returning to a crazy, cluttered, insane house. Well, after a vacation, that is. I actually return to a crazy, cluttered, insane house almost every single time I leave it.
  • Also--need to remember to clean out the refrigerator this time! Seriously. Because, wow.
  • Last minute-y errands--like mail the 2009 calendars to the grandparents we aren't seeing, meeting with friends who are renting the cabin to give them the keys, etc.
  • Rearrange the seating in the car for optimal kid independence in the snacks, drinks, and entertainment realm. I love my minivan and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
  • Explain to Ryan for the 600-bazillionth time that we are NOT bringing his nutcracker collection to Chicago. Dude is obsessed, and distraught, and relentless, and traumatized. But we're still not bringing them--no room! How do I make him understand? Actually, I'm beginning to care less about making him understand than I am in just not talking about it anymore.

It's really not much, now that I think about it! Bye for now.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I remember three kids in a sedan, and if I had three kids now, I'd love the minivan, too.

Have a safe trip and watch out for the ice storms on the way!

Happy Christmas!

Stella said...

Oh geez...I suddenly feel like calling my mom up and saying thank you for putting up with me! I was with my Barbies the way Ryan is with his nutcrackers. I packed my suitcase full of them for a trip to my grandmother's. Then we got to Grandma's, I opened my suitcase, and found that all of my Barbies had been replaced with clothes and toiletries. I about had a meltdown right there.