Monday, December 01, 2008

Slowly Getting Going

Well, suddenly it's the Monday after Thanksgiving! How did that happen?

After my family left on Saturday morning, we took the rest of the weekend off, so to speak. We got the Christmas tree started, the Christmas cards started, and Christmas list . . . well, started. Seems that I'm going to be finishing up some things this week. I hope!

Uncharacteristically, I have not purchased one gift as of this writing. Normally, I'm finishing up the last few things by now. It's a strange feeling, although not unpleasant. I'm just so swamped with things that need doing that I'm beginning to adjust to living in the moment. I think I'm going to look into all this Cyber Monday stuff and try to knock out some of the Xmas list today. Lots of good deals are visiting my inbox. One good thing about filing our taxes late this year means that we are just now getting our "stimulus" check--so I can do Xmas without going into debt, which is lovely.

I can't believe it's the holidays already. This time last year was a really difficult time actually. I was struggling with the pregnancy--more than once I thought it was over--and feeling just awful and stressed. I was feeling so awful, in fact, that I have almost NO memory of what we did for Thanksgiving last year. I know we did it with the neighbors, and I think we ate over there, but I'm not sure! I had to read my blog to remember!

What a difference a year makes! This funny little man has just reached one of my favorite stages of babyhood: the Plop & Drop stage (where baby can sit up fairly decently on his own, so you can plop baby on the floor and drop some toys around him and he'll sit fairly occupied). Plop & Drop has hit just in time for me to try to get things done for the holidays. Life is good.


Liriodendron said...

(rant on)

I hear you. I have not done any shopping either because I have just incurred about $500 of extra expense in administrative costs that I was not expecting, so that I can technically graduate.

Next year, I plan on diminishing the number of people I exchange gifts with. I would really like to just keep it to my significant other and his and our parents. This year I cut out my brother and his family and they are fine with it. My sister did her Christmas shopping in freaking July this year so there wasn't exactly time to tell her I would like to stop exchanging presents with them. It is totally annoying AND ridiculous when people are THAT organized and you have to plan for Christmas in May.

I am starting to do Christmas cards every other year instead of every year. The amount of money I've spent on Christmas in the past is completely absurd and I'm simply not going to do it anymore. Christmas is supposed to be fun and instead it is a burden. Another thing that really bugs me is that if you don't have kids you are buying for about twice as many people as you are getting presents from. Do I sound like the Grinch or what? :)

(rant off)

LB said...

I agree with you Liriodendron - it is supposed to be fun.

I got a very late start (nothing before Thanksgiving) this year too. Luckily, thanks to major power shopping (also known as early morning bleary-eyed Black Friday fun) all I have left is some online stuff and little things to do. Small families can be fun, too.

This is the earliest we've ever cut down and put up our tree though. And it's the first year ever that our fully ornamented tree crashed - and it's only December 1st!

Oh, what fun!