Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Sign Of The Times?

You've got to be kidding me with this. Bulletproof backpack inserts for kids?

From the product description (emphasis added):

Make your favorite pack, bag or briefcase "bulletproof". This is the standard size ballistic panel found in the "My Child's Pack" and "Executive" Backpacks. Simply insert the panel in your favorite bag for instant Threat Level IIIa Ballistic protection. That's protection up to and including 44 Magnum! You can even swap your panel(s) from bag to bag.

For less than the cost of an iPod you can make any bag or pack, from your Louis Vuitton to your NorthFace, a Threat Level IIIa anti-ballistic shield.

Our semi-flexible Threat level IIIa panels are approx. 1/4 inch thick, weigh less than a bottle of water and will fit discretely in most packs, courier bags and larger purses. For smaller or larger panels, see our Jr. size BulletBlocker Panel or email for Custom Ballistic Panels.

Now there is no reason to leave yourself exposed to the threat of random violence.

Are things really that bad? Or would I be surprised?

Via bore me to tears


Karen said...

I would hope that bullet proof packpacks are for the paranoid not the realistic.

Crimson Wife said...

Sadly, in some of the rougher neighborhoods here in the Bay Area, I've heard of young kids being caught in gang crossfire on their way to or from school :-(