Friday, January 23, 2009

Good And Funny Stuff

How'd we do today? It was a rough start. Sean was up for about half the night and a quick visit to the doc this morning resulted in a croup diagnosis. I'm kind of a zombie, and looking at one more rough night (at least), but I still had fun today.

Good Stuff
  1. Having our Fun Friend Friday, despite our illness.
  2. Walking around outside in the sunshiny afternoon--in short sleeves!
  3. New organizers for the kids's rooms arrived, so we can move some of the crap toys upstairs into their rooms.

Funny Stuff

Actual lyric: Pop goes the weasel!

Ryan's lyric: Out pops the weasel!

Morgan's lyric: Out pops the freezer!

I'm crazy tired, so good night.

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