Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good And Funny

The Good

  • Sean clapped his hands repeatedly on purpose. (He's done it before now, but I could never tell if he really meant it.)
  • The grocery store had Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (and today is thankfully not a Sunday). Bought 4 bottles. Oh, yes I did.
  • Oh yeah. I actually went to the grocery store! My Facebook friends will understand why this was necessary--the kids ate cold leftover pizza for breakfast this morning!
  • The Garbagemen Peopleguys are coming tomorrow morning, and I remembered to clean out the fridge AND the trash is already by the curb. I'm hot tonight, baby!
  • Morgan let me brush her hair before ballet.
  • A very nice person is letting me mess around with Wordpress on her site. Brave and kind! (Thanks!)
The Funny

  • We didn't have a particularly HI-larious day, although I cracked myself up all day long on Facebook.
  • Well. I did begin my day in an interesting way. [Warning: May be funny and/or interesting only to parents. You have been warned.] In the early pre-dawn hours, Sean, who is still recovering from croup, started coughing in his sleep. After I scooped him and held him upright to clap him on the back, he threw up all over me (just from the coughing, you know). Then he fell against my shoulder and fell all the way back to sleep. So my choice was either to let him sleep or wake him up so we both could get cleaned up. You parents know which option I took!
  • Ryan noted that a tree's branches were kind of like its arms, and the leaves are the THingers (he still thinks "fingers" starts with TH).
  • I'm watching Brendan and Ryan teach Morgan how to play Empire Earth right this very second. She's so excited because, "The Yellow Guys want to be my friends!" She pronounced that last word in just the way you'd imagine a 3 year old girl, excited to make a new friend, would say it--it was kind of a squeal, actually!
I have to just tell you that I'm really enjoying this Good (and Funny) exercise. Even though I don't write it out every day, I'm very cognizant of the little things that make my days fun and happy.

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Allergy Mom said...

Hah! More gross parent stuff: I actually PREFER to have my son throw up on me rather than the carpet/furniture, because my clothes and I are far easier to clean! More than once, I've just moved the two of us into the bathtub or shower together to clean up when he's been sick. (I'm definitely going to have to put that one in the "how to embarrass my son in front of his prom date" file.)