Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Stuff

Okay, here I go with remembering to write a few Good Things about today:

  1. Carnivals! (See below)
  2. Taking Ryan out to dinner to celebrate his Yellow Belt.
  3. Going to Music Class--always puts me in a good mood.
  4. Remembering to buy wine. (Bonus Good Thing!)

Funny Things about today (because I'm happier if I can remember the funny):

  1. Morgan FINALLY learning to blow her nose--only she forgot the tissue.
  2. Mixing up my carnivals, and putting the link to the Objectivist Round Up in my message to the Food Allergy blog carnival on Facebook. :o) Always looking for more readers!
  3. The new word of the day: jacknabber. Which is what my kids call a jackhammer. Sounds vaguely like my mom's favorite cuss word: dagnabbit.

Okay. That was fun.


Kelly said...

Thank you, I needed that!

Mike N said...

About when kids mispronounce things:
When my 2nd son was about 2yrs and puting together words, he heard me call his mother by her first and middle names, Everly Barbara. When he tried to say it, it came out Everly Blah Blah. I've been haveing occasional fun with that ever since.