Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Holidays Are Over Already?

I'm of two minds about the ending of the holidays. We had a very enjoyable, very stress-free holiday season this year. Seriously, the most stress-free of all time, even including all of that travel. I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but I'm going to aim for that kind of atmosphere every year from here on out. But I'm also really ready to get back to normal.

We returned today from a quick trip up to the cabin to celebrate my friend Kelly's birthday. Since I un-decorated the cabin for the holidays, I got to write off some of my expenses, so that's always fun! Friday night was nice--just our two families plus a friend we hadn't seen in a while (we love him, he's so interesting and fun).

On Saturday, we went to a pottery painting place. The kids REALLY enjoyed that. I didn't paint a piece, being somewhat encumbered with a baby and all, but it looked interesting, so I might try it next time! The crowd got somewhat larger Saturday night--new friends and old, "chosen family" as one of my friends said. Yes. Lots of fun. Although I did drink a bit too much and we stayed up late late late both nights. Fun to do once in a while, but really, not so much my thing for a regular kind of activity.

And now we're back to our regular schedule of taekwondo, chess, music class and dance. And we're going to add in read aloud time, since both Ryan and Morgan can A) read (YAY!) and B) are beginning to enjoy reading books out loud! We had a big reading free-for-all tonight and it was the Best Fun Ever.

Oh! And we have officially started Mr. Baby down the path to Real Food and guess what? He LOVES it. So far, just baby pears and a piece of celery to suck on the other day at a restaurant. I'm not too big of a fan of "baby food" but it's convenient for mommies like me (that is, "lazy"). Because of the food allergy thing, too, using pre-made baby food makes it simple to ensure that you are only introducing one food at a time. But I don't expect him to stay with baby food for long--the quicker they get to "real" food, the easier it is in the long run. I didn't cotton on to this with Ryan soon enough, but Morgan was sucking the juice out of filet mignon by the time she was a year or so old!

And now I must go--it's the Witching Hour around here, and the Meltdowns have begun.

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