Monday, January 12, 2009

Life In These Here Parts

Some bullet points from the last several days:

  • Sean has officially moved from the Cute Interested Observer stage of babyhood to the Adorable Self-Determining, Taking Control of his Own Destiny, Grabbing Everything, Rolling Everywhere, Freaking Out when Mom Leaves the Room or Something Falls Out of his Grip stage of babyhood. The double-edged sword of subsequent children is that I'm very aware of how busy my life is about to become, so that I can prepare for it, even as I dread it.
  • King Tut was awesome. We had a WONDERFUL time with our friends. As one of my commenters experienced, Morgan was the least interested of the Big Kids who went, but really, she did very well over all. The baby took a nap in the stroller (hooray!). We enjoyed the IMAX movie, even Ryan, who was very concerned that it would be too loud--movies often cross over his noise threshhold, which is very low, sensitive guy that he is. For reasons unknown to me, he was scared of what he might see, even though I thought I had prepped him by looking at the website. Morgan spent the whole time lifting up her 3-D glasses, and lowering them, intrigued by the difference it made. We all enjoyed finding cartouches on the artifacts--we made kind of a game of it, actually. At the end, we all got cartouches from the Make Your Own Cartouche Dollar Machine (slide $1 in, type your name, get your cartouche).
  • We completed 18 thank you notes for Christmas gifts. I cheated this year and had preprinted cards made up with a picture of the kids on the front. (They are very cute.) The Big Kids wrote their names in the cards, as a sign of their appreciation. Ryan wrote his name in hieroglyphics on some of them! I addressed the envelopes and Ryan and Morgan put on the stamps and the return address (I have one of those self-inking rubber stamps for that). Then we spent some time looking at a map of the US, figuring out where each card was going. That was fun, and edumacational, too.
  • Watched some football--should be interesting next week, for sure!
  • Put away most of the rest of the Christmas decorations. No, we're not quite done, but we're getting there. I hope.
  • Played our new computer I Spy Game--I need to write a post about my love of I Spy things in general.
  • Wrote a couple of posts on the blog. Didja notice? :o) Man, I'm wordy sometimes!
  • Ordered Season 1 of Mad Men for our next TV series. We're watching Family Guy currently.

What's up with you?


Kelly said...

Sounds like you're super busy! I love how your kids are always learning. Morgan and the 3D glasses...precious! I'd love to hear some of your philosophical thoughts on homeschooling. Like how to make sure kids are learning but not bore or overwhelm them.

Dan and I went to Marie's Crisis, a broadway bar in NYC this weekend. I spent about 4 hours singing showtunes with my friends! Sunday, we went to see Avenue Q on Broadway (a sweet Christmas present from Dan to me), it was hilarious!

Amy said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think of Mad Men. We watched season 1 straight through a few months back. I can't wait for season 2.

LB said...

I've just been hanging out, homeschooling, reading all the blog posts of blogs I follow and meaning to comment here, there, and everywhere - particularly about the good parenting questions and suggestions that have been posted around lately. I start to make comments, they get out of control, I take them off-line, rethink them, and finally edit them down to nothing. Ergo: no comments.

We love Mad Men, hard to say why exactly because no one is really admirable (possibly Peggy Olson). Maybe it's just the fab retro clothes.

Kelly Elmore said...

King Tut was great. As usual, Livy has said not one blessed word about the experience, except when prompted with questions like "What was your favorite thing?" (the movie) and "Would you like to go to Egypt with me someday?" (yes, to ride a camel). It is very hard for a person who says almost every single thing she thinks out loud to relate to a child who rarely shares her thoughts. Six months from now, we'll be sitting in the bath tub and she will make some offhand comment about the exhibit. But she seemed to enjoy it very much at the time, and I certainly did. _My favorite_ were the canopic jars. Gorey and beautiful all at once.

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Kelly-who-is-married-to-Dan! They are learning all the time--but I often have nothing to do with it. Can you believe? It's true! And M was fascinated with the glasses. Don't think she gave a crap about Egypt! :o)

Amy & LB--can't wait to Mad Men. I'm very intrigued. But I'm hoping to see more of Bones, too! :o)

Kelly Elmore--I feel certain that our recent excursion will enhance the next game of "North Egypt." What do you think? If we observe closely, but unobtrusively, we might be able to figure out what Livy really enjoyed. Sneaky, yes? :o)