Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here are several things I've been meaning to link to:

Rootie from Optional Values
has a really sweet post about the experience of childbirth from the father's point of view.

Elisheva has an excellent follow up to my latest peanut allergy rant at her blog called "Joel Stein Throws Numbers Around." She analyzes his "thinking" very well. (Thank you.)

These homeschooled guys are making funny movies on YouTube. Collect 'em all!

C. August's little guy made up a new word the other day: Momniscient. I love it because it's so true.

Also, I hereby announce my plans to make the phrase "shame in the butt" a household term. Help me out by working it into your everyday conversation! It would be a shame in the butt if you didn't!


Tenure said...

Ha ha, that Homeschool comedy is hilarious. :D

I'm not H-S'ed, but it reminded me of my teenage years. :D

Rootie said...

thanks for the link!