Thursday, January 15, 2009

More LinkFest

More things I've been meaning to mention:

Amy has started a really neat tradition on her blog called Three Good Things (via Jean Moroney--think I read about this on HBL, too). The idea is to make a note of Three Good Things that happened each day, as a way to . . . accentuate the positive, to borrow a phrase from Johnny Mercer. Incidentally, I have noticed that I'm becoming more positive, more optimistic in my old age--not Pollyanna, mind--but more inclined to try to find silver linings. I think this Good Things mental exercise is a great way to end a day spent with irritable children. :o) I find myself thinking, "Would this make my Good Things List?" as the day progresses. In summary: I like.

Flibbert is inspiring me with his penny-pinching ways. Brendan and I have decided to cancel our satellite tv service after the Superbowl! That will save us a pretty penny each month! We are not unhappy with the service (unlike the last time we canceled a tv service). We just don't watch broadcast television any more. The kids have about 7,000 DVDs to watch, and Brendan and I watch TV-on-DVD at night after the kids go to bed. The kids don't watch all that much tv during the day anyway==we tend to save the tv for when we have a sitter. So anyway--saving money = yay!

Speaking of TV-on-DVD: we just started Mad Men last night and let me just say: Holy Smokes! there's a lot of smoking going on! And a funny scene with kids riding in a car with no carseats and a little girl playing astronaut, wearing a plastic dry cleaning bag over her head. It's a different world! I'll let you know what we think once we're further into it. Brendan just told me he's inspired to smoke in his office and drink Scotch all day. Me, too, honey. Me, too! (Well, minus the smoking.)

And just for fun--a remake of the video for Journey's "Separate Ways." Oh, the memories! Good stuff.

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