Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phrase Of The Day

Ryan and Morgan are playing with Snap Circuits (fun activity!) and apparently, something wasn't quite working.

Says Ryan: "That's a shame in the butt!"


I triple-dog-dare you not to work this phrase into your everyday conversation.

  • "It's a shame in the butt that I'm missing the new cover sheets for my TPS Reports!"
  • "The grocery store no longer carries my favorite toothpaste. What a shame in the butt."
  • "The fact that I've run out of diapers is a shame in the butt." (This is actually true--we HAVE run out of diapers.)


C. August said...

Holy crap! That is pure awesomeness. Like "baby fish mouth," I'm sure that phrase will be sweeping the nation in a matter of weeks.

If it doesn't, it truly will be a shame in the butt.

Kevin said...

How do they like the Snap Circuits?

I actually forced myself to put them back on the shelf when Christmas shopping. As an electrical engineer I assumed I was just projecting an inappropriate understanding level onto my oldest (4) in my thinking that she would enjoy them. I figured it would be a shame in the butt for them to go to waste on a shelf in the basement.

Michael Labeit said...

There's this dude with a month for a last name who's totally copying your blog style.

C. August said...

It's a shame in the butt that he doesn't get kicked off the blogosphere for that.

Diana Hsieh said...

Fifty years from now, when Objectivism is firmly entrenched in the culture, some linguists might wonder about the simultaneous rise of the phrase "shame in the butt" to express an amusing kind of regret. They'll be baffled for a while, but eventually they'll discover this ancient blog post. "Eureka!" they'll exclaim. "I now know the source of all shame in the butt: Ryan!"