Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The Good

1.) Well, I managed to get some things done--the new organizers are in the kids' rooms and seem to be functioning as advertised. The playroom down here is still a bit of a mess, but I plan to use Mrs. Scower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover pick the rest of it up tomorrow.

2.) I've got half of a new positive discipline post written, made possible by:

  • the baby taking an extra good long nap this afternoon (still getting over croup),
  • Brendan taking the other children out of the house (YAY!),
  • the number 6, and
  • the letter R.

Hope to get the rest finished up and published tomorrow. Let's see, what else?

3.) Oh! I accidentally bought a Riesling at the store the other day. (No! No! Not today! My state government won't allow me to purchase a bottle of wine on Sunday under penalty of law.) Anyway, I drank some with dinner tonight. Usually, I dislike Rieslings--but this one was good. No Sauvignon Blanc, of course, but palatable. I was pleasantly surprised.

4.) Visits with friends, in person, and at my cyber-home-away-from-home (Facebook) are always delightful. :o)

5.) I joined an online bookclub. Double :o)

And The Funny

1.) I didn't have time to write down all of the funny things that usually seem to make our days go by with a smile, but I did get to say "Stop licking the abacus." And that is very amusing to me.

2.) I started a new Facebook group called the Serious Laundry Avoiders Coalition (SLAC) and there are already lots of members--even people I don't know! Please join, as it will be an ever-so-amusing way to waste time (and avoid laundry!).

3.) Brendan is funny in a weird-strange-funny kind of way. I like it. (By the way--you shouldn't believe anything he writes on Facebook.)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I can't buy a Pinot Griegio or a Chianti all day on Sunday in Santa Fe County, but I can buy any of those, my favorite Guiness Stout or even Stoly in Bernalillo County after noon.
None of it makes any sense, as many people get to taste Communion wine on Sunday morning in this good Catholic state!

Hmmm. Do I qualify for a membership in SLAC if I tend to put the clothes in the washer, then forget them for two days, put them in the dryer and then repeat the process?
Please say yes!

Rational Jenn said...

I still say Indiana's laws are crazier (both my sister and brother still live there, and I went to college there), but it's probably best that I not get started on the silliness of Blue Laws in the year 2009 and how I was under the impression that once I was a grownup I'd get to BE a grownup . . . Okay, stopping now. :o)

You CERTAINLY qualify for SLAC membership--I do that all the time. It's so ridiculous! You can even be an officer if you want to!

suchlovelyfreckles said...

I once heard about one of those famous guys who throws all of his used underwear away after wearing it only once. That would cut Mt. Laundry a bit...

I hate laundry... *sigh*

As for no alcohol on Sunday. That was new to me, moving to the States. I couldn't get it. I still don't get it. Not that it's true here in Oregon... but I STILL DO NOT GET IT.