Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Which Keyboard Key Am I?

You Are "ctrl"

Some people might try to say that you're too controlling.

And while there is a controlling aspect to your personalty, you like to think you're competent.

You are an expert in many fields. You tend to really know your stuff.

You tend to take the reins whenever it's needed. You like to lead, and people like to follow you.

Just as I predicted! Not sure anyone who knows me will be much surprised at this particular result. Because, you know, I sure am COMPETENT.

Also, people do like to follow me--because I tell them to follow me AND to like it. :o) (Now if that would only work on the children . . . .)

Thanks to Gus for giving me something to post on the blog today!


Kelly said...

Teehee, I was an "alt", which basically means "Kelly, you're a weirdo!" Like I wasn't expecting that one :-P

Kelly Elmore said...

Mine said that I was "tab" - a flaky multi-tasker!

Rational Jenn said...

K & K: LOL!

I'm dying to know what Brendan's would be, although I'm sure he'll refuse to take the quiz.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hmmm. I came up as "alt" which is strange--I mean it's definitely strange that I came up as 'alt.'

I am tempted to go back and put in other answers to see what they come together to mean. But that's not a good strategy for convincing others that I am not 'alt' now, is it?

brendan said...

Well since you're dying to know:

I'm "delete".

From the quiz:

Some people might try to say you're standoffish and aloof.
You prefer to think of yourself as a person of few words.

You like to live simply, speak simply, and act simply. It's all about editing.
No wonder you're the first person your friends call when they need a mess cleaned up!

...I'd have to say -- fairly accurate. But I'm not cleaning anyone else's mess!