Monday, February 16, 2009

The Good About Today

Nothing overly-hilarious occurred today, but many Good Things did:

  • Nobody threw up. Really amazing. I'm still on a semi-alert status though.
  • Sean can sorta kinda crawl--backwards. So I'm not ready to officially call it yet.
  • I have friends who support me. Thank you.
  • I'm wrestling with a parenting post, but think I'll tame it soon.
  • Ryan was extra helpful about cleaning up tonight--and learned the meaning of the word "benefit," as in--"If you clean up now, it will benefit you, because you'll have more time to play Age of Mythology with Dad after dinner." (Rational self-interest strikes again!)
  • Morgan completed an entire math workbook front to back. She REALLY enjoyed it and now understands the basic idea of subtraction.
  • Ryan and Morgan built LEGO towers for Sean to play with. It was a very sweet sight.
  • Brendan had a very productive day at work.
  • I made crockpot chicken and it was so very yum.

Oh! There is a funny!

  • I found my first submission to FailBlog. (Meep! I'll let you know if it makes it in. Still need to submit it.)
Hopefully there will be a parenting post tomorrow sometime.

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