Monday, February 02, 2009

The Good And Funny (#2 Edition)

Before I had kids, I thought that people with children were abnormally obsessed with poop. Then I had kids and found out that this is absolutely true.

So, I would like to apologize to all you childless people out there. We parents talk about poop all the time.

I know. It's ridiculous. It's as if we've completely forgotten the fact that in normal, civilized society, one simply doesn't discuss the pooping habits, sights, smells, or experiences of other people. Let alone swap amusing stories about poop-related matters at, say, a Superbowl party.

Before I crossed over to the other side, I used to think parents were doing it just to gross me out. Now I know they do it because it's perfectly natural for a parent to talk about poop. This is a matter of vital importance and interest. Yes, interest. I said it.

And I really often forget that this topic of conversation can be somewhat off-putting to the rest of society. It's not intentional, just to watch you squirm (although that's a bonus). I'm just tired and used to talking about poop and am usually in the company of other parents, who can be counted on for poop sympathy and story-swapping.

Really, I'm very sorry. Only . . . we've been very poop-focused in the last 24 hours, so here we go with tonight's version of The Good and The Funny!

The Good
  • Brendan finding his steam cleaner after an unscheduled poop explosion in the playroom (Morgan).
  • Sean has finally pooped after 3 days. Moving into the realm of real food is tough on a baby.

The Funny
  • Ryan (with his patented SuperWhine): "Mom, I hate pooping. It's the dumbest thing in the world!" I really didn't know what to say to that.
  • Sean as a poop cannon (see yesterday's post).
  • Swapping stories about poop-related matters at our Superbowl party, no doubt to the astonishment/horror of our childless friends in attendance.
  • Morgan running out of the bathroom half-naked, bending over in front of me and screaming "Is it clean?" At the Superbowl party.

And that's the scoop on the poop!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Even dog owners are not as obsessed as parents of young children are about poop!

I remember how we proudly announced at a family gathering that the CGP did it in the big-people potty. And how everyone had to clap when she came out, having washed her hands!

Rachel said...

Sounds about right to me!

Yes, that baby poop transition is not fun. We are experiencing that now, too.

After finally insisting my son wipe his own butt, he, for weeks, would come out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles and ask if his butt was clean! So funny!!!

Amy said...

I was pooped on while reading this. I'm wearing my 4th pair of pants today due to poop explosions. We've also gone through 2 blankets, 2 waterproof pads, and 3 towels. I'll have to change the sheets on my bed AGAIN tonight.

(In case anybody is worried, my little one did go to the doctor today and we were told that it is probably the antibiotics and she will be ok).

But you know what...poop is funny.

Another Jenn said...

You must be eavesdropping at our house too -
Size, smell, frequency are all frequent dinnertime conversations (DS1's reaction are often exposed in the bathroom, so I keep notes and share). DS2 has become known as pellet boy. Pellet boy had a tendency this past summer to "gift" people with his treasures he dug out of his diaper. His aunt was mortified (as someone who is single might be).
Over at FAS, the refer to me as the "Poo Queen" - so I guess I shouldn't complain my life is in the toilet.

brendan said...

"#2 Edition" -- heh. Loves it!