Monday, February 23, 2009

Good And Funny

The Good

  • Ryan had an eye doctor appointment today with the best pediatric eye doctor EVER. These people talked directly to him, explained what was going to happen before it happened, and helped him not be too scared. (The experience with the previous eye doctor could not have been more opposite in nature.) His vision checked out okay--he's slightly nearsighted, but no need for glasses.
  • I haven't taken the time to comment on my peanut allergy post from yesterday (thanks to those who commented and linked!), but it was well-received and that makes me happy. The more people who understand our challenges, the safer things will be for Ryan.
  • Twitter is the super funnest thing ever. :o)

The Funny

  • Answering the door not quite put together after feeding the baby! (It wasn't too bad, but bad enough!) After how many years and how many babies, it was bound to happen sometime! :p
  • Realizing that Ryan thinks Jesus is really called Genius.
  • The most frightening baby shower cake ever made. [WARNING: if you click that link, the image may burn out your eyes. Click at your own risk!]
  • Morgan says Naybe instead of Maybe, but Mayhaps instead of Perhaps.


Amy said...

That's so great that we both had good doctor experiences today! We described them in a similar way too.

It makes such a huge difference when a doctor treats your child with respect, doesn't it? I get very angry when they treat my daughter like a piece of meat. I'm still looking for a good pediatrician.

Kelly said...

Hahahahaha..."genius". :-P