Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good And Funny

The Good

  • Finishing up my big old parenting post.
  • Taking the kids to the craft store and finding Morgan's birthday cake pan (Scooby Doo Eating a Hamburger--I kid you not.)
  • Making wine-induced Stimulus Protest signs with Brendan! Look for us on the news tomorrow!

The Funny

  • Morgan: "Put the feathers on my butt, and then I can FLY!" shrieked with all of the girlish glee you can possibly imagine.
  • Me: "Do not color your vagina with markers." NEVER thought I'd say something like THAT!

Big day tomorrow--lots of pictures and stories and possibly tweets (never know how that will go with all of the kids). Also, forecast is for RAIN. Fun, fun, fun!

THIS JUST IN From the Atlanta Tea Party Committee:

P.S. If you cannot attend, but want to express your thoughts and feelings on the porkulus factory in Washington, please call the Atlanta Tea Party Call In Line at (404) 963-9072. We will make sure your voice is heard!

I know there are a few my blog readers who can't make it--be sure to call in tomorrow! Good night!

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Such Lovely Freckles said...

Well, the Funny truly is damn funny!!! LMAO