Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here are some interesting links that you might like.

Are you interested in the genetics behind eye color? This is a neat little site to help you calculate the odds. With so much brown in our family, it's a pretty strong likelihood that any one of my kids will have brown eyes--86.3%. And Ryan and Morgan definitely have brown eyes (Morgan's eye color was never in doubt). But, there's an 8.5% chance of green eyes and a 5.1% chance of blue eyes, both percentages are much higher than I would have imagined. (Why don't they add up to 100%? I dunno.) Anyway, Sean's eyes are taking the longest to change over. Now they are a dark gray with lots of green in them, sometimes with a hint of brown. So I'm not without hope for a non-brown-eyed kid! Even if they turn out brown, there will be quite a bit of green there--just like Ryan and Brendan. [Via one of my FB friends]

If you want some more parenting discussion, check out this latest debate at Opposing Views. Dr. Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Discipline is one of the Verified Experts. Shameless bragging to come: Dr. Nelsen recently left me a very positive comment on one of my recent parenting posts!

Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (registration required) ran a story about a mom who has been convicted of a felony for lying about her address so her kid could get into a better government school. A felony. The county she was trying to get him out of just lost their accreditation last year--yes, all of the schools for the whole county.

Anyone know how long it takes for FailBlog to put up a submission? Because I'm just dying here. I'm sure it takes a while, but need to know how long I should wait before I just give up and post it myself!

That's all for now. Good night!

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