Tuesday, February 24, 2009


There's an exciting new blog carnival starting up: the Academy of Science and Technology! This carnival, brought to you by Kim of Kim's Play Place, focuses on teaching science and math concepts to kids. Being fairly math-y (but non-science-y) myself, as well as a homeschooling parent to at least one super science-y kid, I'm very eager to read what blog authors have to say. Who knows, I might even get up the nerve to send something in myself one day! First edition is March 9!

There's a new issue of The Undercurrent out! The producers of this paper really do a fine job and I recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Objectivism. Don't miss the blog either, which is updated frequently.

Neal Boortz has a quotation from Ayn Rand at the top of his blog.

Here's some more info about this Friday's Tea Party downtown, from one of the organizers (found through Twitter!). Patriotic attire, eh? We've got Minuteman Peopleguy hats! And a pretend rifle! And a Union soldier cap! We're SET! And yes, I do plan to do me some Twittering and take pictures, too!

By the way, you should follow me on Twitter! (You know who you are!) What better way to encourage my need to blather on about the weird things going through my head learn even more interesting things about me? :o)

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