Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Good Stuff

  • Sean got a tooth on Sunday and another yesterday! I think there are more coming--he's chewing everything (including me, ow). Reminds me of a puppy. He's also miserable and out of sorts--for him. I'm not allowed to put him down for a second, which I don't like because I'm trying to take advantage of these last few days before he can crawl.
  • Sean can't crawl yet.
  • Sean tried his first taste of steak (grassfed beef!) the other night and LOVED it! How can he eat steak without the necessary teeth, you ask? We put it in one of these baby feeders. Sean likes his steak medium rare--the better to suck all of the juices out! He just attacked the meat, so funny.
  • Morgan has been fascinated with workbooks and will sit down to do some addition frequently throughout the day. She can work sums up to about 12 or so. The only real challenge to this exercise is that she can't write the numbers to her satisfaction. She has improved a lot over the last week.
  • We had Parents' Day at M's ballet last week. They have learned so much; I was impressed and she is very proud! Pictures to come soon.
  • Ryan wrote his very first sentence, all on his own--no help with spelling. In fact, we weren't even aware of this endeavor until he presented it to us. It read: "Ryan wots to go to jones." Jones is the phonetic spelling of Johnny's, our favorite pizza place. Of course, we went there for lunch to celebrate! It was so neat, that he did this, because unlike Morgan, he doesn't care for workbooks. Leave it to him to wait until he has a real live purpose.
  • Ryan has been working very hard at chess and taekwondo and improving!
  • We had warmth and sunshine this week and have taken many walks. Sean loves the stroller. I love not being in the house with stir-crazy kids!

I just love my job. :o)


Rachel said...

A good report!!! My Sylvie just got her first two teeth, too. She also loves the baby feeders, but hasn't had steak yet - only fruit!

Rational Jenn said...

I think Sylvie and Sean are about the same age--he's 7.5 months.

I've given him blueberries and grapes in the feeder, but he was not really into those. He still has a huge gag reflex, so we're approaching chunky food slowly! :o)

Kelly said...

Apparently, Sean has joined Morgan in Puppyhood!

I love the stories about your kids, they always make me more excited about being a mom myself.

What is your educational philosophy? I don't know much, but it sounds like you use some elements of unschooling.