Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unfortunately, Jenn . . .

I'm working on a couple of more thoughtful posts, but until they are ready, I thought I'd provide you with this diversion. Mine weren't quite as interesting as Kim's, but still, they'll do.

Here's how to play. Type "unfortunately, [insert your name here]" into Google and see what comes up! It seems as if many Jenns out there, like me, are a little bit klutzy.

Unfortunately Jenn wasn’t wearing a microphone as well and only one side of the story is being told.... [I'd probably shout in those circumstances!]

but unfortunately Jenn is morally conflicted in the overall means by which my company meets its ends and isn’t overly supportive in her actions.... [I so don't miss the workplace.]

They both enjoyed immensely conversing with their guests, unfortunately Jenn and I bore the brunt as we were the only people staying that night. ... [B&B from hell?]

He reportedly offered her $4 million dollars to pose for his magazine but unfortunately, Jenn turned him down..... [HAHAHAHA!]

Unfortunately, Jenn is more of a McDreamy girl then crazy for Dwight Schrute. [So not true! Sure, McDreamy is a cutie, but I've never watched that show. Beets all the way!]

we hoped that the worst case scenario would be a few stitches on her elbow, but unfortunately Jenn also dislocated her shoulder, and has a chunk taken out of her elbow bone. [Ow! Hope she's okay.]

Unfortunately Jenn it is considered abuse but that doesn't stop some people. [How true.]

Unfortunately, Jenn's 5'11" frame isn't exactly big by WNBA standards. [I couldn't begin to dream of 5'11"!]

And, unfortunately, Jenn took a tumble while we were walking around that first night and true to her word, QT burst out laughing and could not stop.... [Actually, that sounds a lot like me!]

Unfortunately, Jenn wasn’t her to push us along right now because she is the one that is right on right now..... [Errr?]

Unfortunately Jenn died her hair brown, so I can’t say she’s a golden anymore. [A golden what?]

Unfortunately, Jenn was a master of this jealousy tactic and I was out of my league. [Damn straight!]

Unfortunately, Jenn, I don't love coffee. [A terrible shame.]

Unfortunately, Jenn got booted today. [Oh no!]

Unfortunately Jenn’s handset decided to quit just as we reached the top of a very long spiral staircase with the rest of the herd. [Herd of what? What kind of herd ascends a spiral staircase?]

Unfortunately, Jenn keeps getting involved with these loser guys.... [Sorry, honey!]

Unfortunately Jenn didn't get anything. She is trying her shaky worms and a dinger.... [Double Errrr?]

Unfortunately, Jenn and I had never sealed any such deal, although she did rightly recognize that I would be a shell of the man she married if I somehow.... [Oooh! Somehow what?]

Unfortunately, Jenn was sent back in time by Lavos and would up stuck as a female for several years. [Would up? Or wound up? And evidently, I've been sent back in time!]

Unfortunately Jenn
, you've disqualified yourself from being > representative of typical music listeners with your phobic criticisms of ... [Awesome! Phobic criticisms! Of what though?]


Allergy Mom said...

The "shaky worms and a dinger" Jenn was having a bad day fishing. Thanks for a new Google game!

Another Jenn said...

Jenn - you and I seem to get in all of these predicaments :) Thank you for the laugh!

Even funnier than the Tallgrass Beef Stimulus email I received (yes, my mind is in the gutter).

Rachel said...

I know it took me a while, but I really liked this when I first read this post weeks ago, so I finally got around to posting about it myself! I linked to you, so thanks for the inspiration! :)

Tenure said...

Mine all come up as stuff like, "Unfortunately Rory's mother suffered a fall" and "Unfortunately, Rory has brain cancer".

Apparently I do have a very unfortunate life.

Ah, here we go:

'Unfortunately Rory also has a love for our cat Canon too, however, Canon has quite a disdain for poor Rory. '