Friday, March 27, 2009


Sometime over the night, this here blog officially reached 50,000 visitors! Oh lucky 50,000th visitor, if I knew who you were and had some extra money, I'd give you a lovely parting gift! Instead, I will give all of my readers a song that Brendan made up:

(To the tune of O Danny Boy):

O Seanie boy, the wipes, the wipes are calling
From cheek to cheek and 'round your backside
The poops are gone but you're still sad and crying
'Tis you, 'tis you must poop and I must wipe.

You're welcome very much. We're nothing if not A.) Irish and B.) Silly around here!

Also--don't forget to stop by this week's Objectivist Round Up at Erosophia, another first-time host! I love that so many new hosts are willing and able to host the round up, because it's a great way to get to know some fine Objectivist bloggers.

Now I must go because we have a busy busy Fun Friend Friday + Cleaning/Preparing like a Maniac ahead!

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Daniel said...

Congrats! Do you use Sitemeter or anything to track your traffic--and see where it's coming from?

I started following mine at The Nearby Pen and was surprised to see how much traffic was coming in from mostly one post.

Also, as a new blogger, I'd be interested if you had any tips to share--particularly your thoughts on blogging on a particular topic or on everything related to one's life.

In any case, congrats again for reaching (and passing) the 50,000 mark. I'm guessing the next 50k will be reached much faster...