Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Which I Complain

So, Brendan is at the airport picking up his aunt, who has journeyed from St. Paul, Minnesota to attend Morgan's birthday party tomorrow. He put the older kids to bed before he left (I was getting Sean to sleep). Or so I thought!

The instant the man left the house, Morgan began: "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy." Etc.

Sean was nearly asleep, so I couldn't put him down to go to her. I heard Ryan go into Morgan's room: "Dad's gone. He's going to pick up Aunt Terry."

See? See how he can be kind and soothing to his sister? (I'm noting this for my own future self.)

Well, then she REALLY started to freak, because Daddy Vibes in the house are apparently necessary for her to go to sleep. Ryan, ever helpful, came running downstairs to inform me of his sister's distress, oblivious to the fact that I have functional hearing.

I gently placed Sean on the couch, put Ryan in charge of him ("If he sits up, then gently pick him up and place him on the floor.") and hurried to Morgan's room to shush comfort her.

Too late. She was freaking and insane, so I told her, thinking that there was an off-chance that Sean was still asleep, that if she could quiet down a bit, we'd go downstairs and wait for Daddy on the couch.

We came downstairs just as Ryan was trying to get Sean off of the ottoman and onto the floor. Unfortunately for Sean, he was upside down.

They had me outnumbered and vulnerable--I'm sick! I began feeling crappy first thing this morning and it's been getting worse all day. Managed to make the birthday cake, but I've done nothing else!

So, 20 minutes after Brendan left, I was downstairs with three wide awake children. As of this writing, Ryan is still awake. Which should make him extra-cranky for the birthday party tomorrow, don't you think?

Bedtime FAIL.

Oh well--it's still a big exciting weekend. My baby girl is turning 4! If I can just somehow muddle through the party, I'll collapse tomorrow afternoon. I plan to selfishly take advantage of all of the people who help out with the kids. They won't get to see so much of me, but oh, how I'll rest!

And here's a picture of our house during Edison Hour:

Yes, the kids helped us with this little project, too. :o)

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Your house looks so bright and welcoming! I cannot tell from the picture that a bit of chaos was reigning inside.

We completely forgot Edison hour. My new computer arrived, and I was busy transfering my files from the old to the new, using a wonderful feature on Windows Vista that made it very easy. Of course, I had to leave BOTH computers up and running to do it. And we were up late with lights on. Even the porch lights. So I guess we were at Edison Hour in spirit!