Monday, March 09, 2009


There's a new education blog carnival up and running: The Academy of Science and Technology, found at Kim's Play Place! The first edition is up today and looks like it's going on an every 2 weeks schedule. Lots of interesting links, even for the not-so-science-minded such as yours truly!

This has been making the rounds, but here's what a trillion dollars looks like. (Via everyone)

Over at A is A Academy is a series of posts about how being a stay-at-home parent can be a Central Purpose in Life. Here's one of my favorite parts, from the third installment:

Mutual respect also involves staying out of each other’s business. If it doesn’t effect me, and does not threaten life or limb, I need to back off and let them handle it–although I stand close by in case they want my help or advice.

YES! We've been talking to Ryan and Morgan lately about how we parents are their resources, or to use the military language that Ryan is fond of: reinforcements. We're here to help them do things, but not necessarily to do things for them. As they are getting older and more independent, we are transitioning more into the reinforcement role, and of course that is our long-term plan: to work ourselves out of a job!

This just in from ARC: Yaron Brook is going to be on Neil Cavuto tomorrow evening at 6:15 pm Eastern! The topic is climate change and regulation of carbon dioxide emissions. You know, that stuff you breathe out and that plants breathe in--personally, I think there ought to be a lobby on behalf of all of the plant life on Earth since we're talking about trying to restrict the air they breathe. They can't be too happy about that!

One more, then I must rescue melting People: for Firefly and Serenity fans, a look at the stunts involved in the famous Fruity Oaty Bar fight scene. (Well, that's what I call it--the "Fruity Oaty Bar fight scene." Aaaannnnndd, now I've got that song in my head!) Via Paul at NoodleFood.


Kim said...

Thanks for posting about the carnival! I hope it's interesting and only gets to be moreso as time goes on.

Rational Jenn said...

No problem! I'm no Joanne Jacobs, but if I can help advertise in some way, I'm happy to help!

Kelly said...

Yay Serenity! I knew you had to be a Firefly Fan. :)

We'll be watching Cavuto tonight! Thanks for the tip!

Firefly mom said...

Hi! Topsy-Techie suggested that I "meet" you, due to your being a homeschooling Browncoat and all :)

BTW, I refer to it as the fruity oaty bar fight scene, too. Great minds think alike, eh?

"eat 'em all the time, let 'em blow your mind" ;D