Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi everyone! Today's birthday party was a success, and I have a happy little girl asleep up in her room with a giant enormous stuffed dog that's bigger than she is! (Thanks, Uncle Brian & Justin!)

Pictures soon--tomorrow is the official Big Day, and I'm going to take a bloggy break to enjoy my cold my family while they're in town. We're going to visit the new Coke Museum (not to be confused with the New Coke Museum, which is a lot of hype but not so tasty). And bake a birthday cake for Uncle Tim, Morgan's Birthday Buddy (because his birthday is the day after hers).

I'm feeling not-so-great still, but I think my Vitamin D supplementation is really helping. I actually am wondering if that's why I never got sick this winter, even though Morgan and Sean both had colds--Morgan especially. Also, I'm Mom, and Moms are just not allowed to get sick! Hopefully, I'll feel well enough tomorrow to visit the World of Coca-Cola and bask in the glowing joy of Coke and all its great benefits to humanity. (That's how I remember the old Coke Museum. Really--you'd have thought Coke invented brain surgery or rocket science or something.)

So, TA for now, and hopefully I'll be back to update you soon! And in case you can't tell by my ramblings, the whiskey-honey-lemon-juice concoction I whipped up to soothe my sore throat works Just. Fine. :o)

Wow. Four years ago I had a baby girl. Birthdays are special for the Birthday Kid, of course--but they are special in another sense for Mom.


Such Lovely Freckles said...

Happy Birthing Day. :)
I would take that concoction even without being sick.

Rachel said...

You're right, Jenn. They are.

Thanks for your comment yesterday.

Glad the party was a success!

Shez said...

I'm convinced that Vitamin D has helped my family. I discovered I was severely deficient and it took me two years to bring my levels to almost normal. They finally got over 25 (sorry can't remember the units) this fall. I also discovered the kids were low so I stared supplementing them as well. I also added daily probiotics ot the mix. Last year it felt like we were constantly sick. this year, not one bug.

Happy bithday to your little one. My two turn double her age on the 10th.