Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Stuff

It's been a while since I've done a brain dump onto the old blog, so here I go:

The town right next to the one I live in has recently established a daytime curfew for all school-aged kids! Yup. From the article (free registration required, emphasis added):

Kennesaw wants children in school, not on the streets.

Children 17 and younger cannot hang out in public places between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on school days, according to a new city ordinance.

. . . Home schooled children also are exempted from the curfew.

Well I should certainly hope home schooled kids are exempt, but do you know what this tells me? That if we go to Kennesaw in the daytime, as we often do, since that's where Brendan's office, the grocery store, the park, and our favorite lunch place are located, we'll need to bring our papers. As Cobb County and Kennesaw try to crack down on truancy, we'll probably need to carry our positive proof that we're law-abiding conscientious parents with us. Oh I just don't know what I might say if I'm ever asked, "Papers, please!"

If you haven't seen this awesome op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute, then hie thee hither and read it! And if you haven't been paying attention, Atlas Shrugged is climbing the charts, and with good reason. Unfortunately, Washington politicians these days are behaving like they read the book but completely missed the point about which characters are the villains and which are the heroes.

Let's see, what else? Oh, ACK! I have family coming into town in about a week! Miss Morgan will turn 4 and will be honored with the presence of many of my in-laws. I'm sure you're looking forward to catching the pictures of the festivities on the FamBlog.

In preparation for our family, and springtime, and in order for me not to lose my sanity, we rented a small dumpster over the weekend. We really got rid of so much and are well on our way to turning our basement into usable space! Big Fat WOOHOO.

Now all I have to do before our guests arrive is get the carpets cleaned, have the Bug Pest Peopleguys come for a visit, go through Ryan's and Morgan's clothes to get rid of the stuff that's too small or too wintery, and that should about get me there. Morgan has also requested that we paint the walls of her bedroom "pink with purple polka dots" and somehow I'm going to attempt that before people get here. Although I suspect that's going to be a bit much--maybe we'll have a painting party for Morgan's birthday.

That's all for now--gotta go get ready for our Date Night! We're going to be celebrating St. Paddy's Day belatedly with some friends and Sean.


Monica said...

Yay for you for getting rid of junk! Isn't it great? And junk sure is "random", true to your blogpost title.

I got rid of five bags of clothes the other day in my spring cleaning efforts to get the house in order before the wedding. It was wonderful because I really hate extra junk lying around. Took me awhile to find a goodwill drop box (every one on their website seemed to be nonexistent when I got there), but eventually I managed to find one (I was getting ready to do the dumpster option myself). Not only that, I picked up a cool high chair for when my sister visits later this year with her baby! Score!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

About the daytime curfew: Do the police over in that other town know that American citizens are not required to show papers to travel freely within our borders? If they demand: "Papers please!" You have every right to say (politely), "Sir, as citizens, we are not required to carry papers. However, you are. May I see you ID?"

We learned about this right when we moved to New Mexico--a border state--in the 1980's. Everytime we were stopped at a checkpoint, if we were not waved through, we stated that we were citizens and politely asked the INS guy for his identification, to determine if he even had the right to stop us.

Here's the thing: it is not a right if we don't exercise it.

And congrats on getting rid of stuff! I am working on the same in preparation for Passover. Fortunately, last year I got rid of a lot of extraneous (by my definition--the Engineering Geek begs to differ) kitchen stuff, so the kitchen cleaning has gone quickly.

Daniel said...

If they demand: "Papers please!" You have every right to say (politely), "Sir, as citizens, we are not required to carry papers. However, you are. May I see you ID?"


Freaking great response! Unfortunately, it appears the police in this case will have an ordinance they can point to which says otherwise.

The best advice I have ever heard in dealing with the police is to "never ever ever" talk to them.