Monday, March 09, 2009

Some Recent Good And Funny

It's been a few days since I've taken the time to write down some Good & Funny, but be assured that there has been no dearth of either around here lately!


  • Receiving a note from Ryan that read: "I love you Mom." Sweet boy, sweeter literacy!
  • Spending hours yesterday in the wonderful sunshine doing some spring cleaning in the backyard and deck. It feels so good to be productive.
  • Figuring out what to get Ryan and Morgan for their birthdays: scooters.
  • The quick progress of a baby who couldn't crawl 3 weeks ago into a crawling, pulling-up, stair-climbing machine. I suppose that's good, right?
  • That the baby will now come to me when he's hungry!
  • The new spring/summer clothing arrived and Morgan is so excited--she received the bulk of the new stuff this year, since she's been growing a bunch. (She's officially 4T!) She dressed herself independently this morning, too!
  • My mother-in-law has a date set for her wedding. Yay!
  • Going to a birthday party for a friend. Also Yay!


I can't remember if I wrote about this on the blog, but we had a funny thing happen one afternoon last week. The big kids were outside, playing in the mud, and I was trying to get the baby fed and to sleep. The kids left the front door W-I-D-E open, and I made the conscious decision to just leave it open while I nursed the baby.

Just as the baby was drifting off to sleep, several things happened at once: Ryan and Morgan came running through the house, naked and muddy, and a lawn service peopleguy, confused by the open and extremely muddy (as it turned out) door, started shouting, "Hello? Hello?"

Sean immediately woke up, I stood up and tried to rearrange myself (ahem), redirected the muddy people back outside, and walked to the front door (accompanied by my non-redirected muddy, mostly naked children) to greet a very surprised salesman. He took one look and said "Icanseeyou'rebusy soI'lljustleavethiswithyou." and threw a flyer at me and fled. THAT'S how you get rid of door-to-door salesmen!

That was also the day that Morgan learned that she can't pee off the balcony like Ryan can. FAIL.

Other Funny included:

  • Morgan's excuse for not wanting to go to the park for the second day in a row: "I already made enough Vitamin D. I'm tired of making Vitamin D."
  • Going to meet friends at a restaurant--and going to the wrong restaurant, getting seated, ordering drinks and THEN realizing that we were supposed to meet them somewhere else!
There, now don't you feel better being all caught up with our recent goings-on?


Such Lovely Freckles said...

I love your Good and Funny posts! :)

Kim said...

Now the wrong restaurant is a definite mommy moment. I might be able to identify with it, but I can't remember.

Rational Jenn said...

Thank you, SLF! By the way, thanks also for the blog award. I plan to write it up soon--I also have another one outstanding. I better start accepting them before people stop giving 'em to me!

Kim--Brendan gets some of the blame--he was driving and we were talking talking talking and I honestly think we were both just excited to be out of the house! Still, funny!

Rootie said...

Thanks for the laughs! Just what I needed tonite.