Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super LinkFest!

I've been sitting on some fun links, and now it's time to share because I'm nice like that!

Math Links

The kids have been really interested in math games lately. Morgan especially loves computer and video games, and taught herself to read using In searching around for a Starfall-like math website, I found Fun Brain! There's much on this site that we haven't explored yet, but Morgan is really enjoying the "Playground" and a few other games.

Another math website that I haven't introduced to them (her) yet is Cool Math 4 Kids. Looks interesting, but the words "cool" and "4" instead of "for" are off-putting--to me. I'm sure they won't care. I'll let you know how it goes over.

Both kids enjoy (yes!) filling out math worksheets. I've been buying math workbooks from the dollar store for Morgan to complete; it's a great activity that keeps her occupied while we're waiting at Ryan's taekwondo class. Here's a website called Super Kids that will let you generate worksheets for printing--even cheaper than dollar store workbooks! (I'm pretty sure I found this website through an online friend, but I can't remember which one! If it was you, let me know and I'll update this post with some linky-love for you.)

One more: AAA Math looks like an interesting site that has lots of lesson plans by topic and grade level. We're focused on Place Value around here and I'll be checking this one out very soon. I like the way the topics break down so you can focus on the thing that people are bugging you incessantly about currently interests everyone.

Objectivist Blogs

Here are a couple new (to me!) Objectivist bloggers I've been following. I might not have mentioned them to you, so here they are: Ramen & Rand, John & Ansley, and The Nearby Pen. (Yes, one day I will update my sidebar, I promise.) In the meantime, check them out!


Yes, Twitter. Oh it's very fun and the iPhone makes it easy for me to be nosy anywhere I happen to be! Anyway, for you Buffy fans--Xander Harris is now on Twitter! I hope he's actually funny...I've been disappointed in Darth Vader. TeleprompterOne is kind of amusing though. Oh hey! Willow and Evil Willow are on Twitter, too! Oh--and Buffy! And Anya! I'll stop now.

Edison Hour

This Saturday is the "Earth Hour" where everyone is supposed to Take One for the Earth, which as I noted last year, doesn't really care all that much, what with it lacking a consciousness and all.

We'll be going out to a party that evening at a friend's house, but we'll be sure to leave every single light blazing brightly while we're gone. The kids will be so confused--normally I tell them to turn off extra lights! There are many awesome posts about Edison Hour (named by University of Michigan Objectivists), including this op-ed "The Real Meaning of Earth Hour," so don't miss them.

Tea Party

The next Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party has a website! (Oh look! Here's a related site where you can meet other Tea Partiers. Neat!)

The next event will be on April 15 from 6pm to 8pm at the Georgia State Capitol. This is a big coordinated effort all across the country. I really, really hope we can be there--but it will mean that we'd have to miss Ryan's taekwondo class that evening, as well as shuffle our schedule quite a bit. I suspect that he won't mind missing TKD too much (as long as there isn't a test that night or something), because he had so much fun at the last protest! :o) And yes, we'll let them help us carry signs if they want to. Maybe it won't rain this time!

Are you going to your local Tea Party?

Bye for now--gotta go get some cleaning up done. We've got family coming into town to celebrate Morgan's 4th birthday! Can you believe she's going to be 4? Sigh....

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hey, Jenn. Thanks for all of the good links. My HOA sent out a "reminder" about Earth Hour, and so I sent a polite note back saying that we would instead be observing Edison Hour. (Love the name!) and that the Engineering Geek would share with us a review of a book he just read called The Power to Save the World which is about nuclear power. We will probably keep a nuclear theme going for the whole hour. One neighbor invited himself over to our Edison Hour "party." The rest sent out comments about how we just don't get it that this is all symbolic!
One accused me of disrespecting my mother. (I don't know. My mother always bought the latest electric time saving gadgets as soon as she could afford them). :)

Happy Edison Hour!