Monday, April 13, 2009


We all had a great time in DC over our long weekend, and are very glad to be back home. Some highlights from our trip:

  • Seeing my parents' new house--it's gorgeous. All hardwood floors and granite counters. Love. Interestingly, it's across the street from an old prison.
  • Meeting Amy and her family! We all had a really nice time at their house. Samantha is a sweet, friendly girl and she took delight in showing her bedroom to Ryan and Morgan. Ryan got to spend some time with their dog, and is beginning to get over some of his fear of dogs, thanks to Adam's patient explanations and advice. Amy and I hit it off right away, and the time zoomed by. Before I knew it, it was time to leave! Hopefully, we'll see them next time we're in DC.
  • Visiting George & Martha's house. Ryan had a blast. I think the other kids liked it all right. I know my dad LOVED taking Ryan all over, so that was nice. We never actually made it into the house because of the long lines, but we roamed all over the grounds, the kids explored his backyard quite a bit, we visited the tomb, many other buildings on the property, saw (and smelled) lots of farm animals, and of course, bought souvenirs at the gift shop! Unsurprisingly, Ryan bought another rifle and another tricorn hat, and unsurprisingly, Morgan got a dog.
  • Making an Easter Bunny cake and chocolate chip cookies and eating them.
  • Lots of presents! There were birthday presents for Morgan, birthday presents for Ryan, Easter presents, Sean presents, a late Christmas present for me, and presents, presents, presents!
  • Driving around Washington, DC and looking at the outsides of all of the places we wished we could have seen the insides of. Next time.

Hopefully we'll get to go up again in the not-too-distant future. There's so much to see there, and we didn't get to spend quality time on hardly any of it. The kids did very well--today was the most difficult day by far, what with all of the incessant whining and impatientness. Can't say I really blame them though. :o)

I'll post the pics we took with the real camera on the blog sometime soon (I hope), but in the meantime, here are a few more I took with the iPhone. (By the way--LOVE the iPhone. Go get you one. Git.)

If you had been following me on Twitter (you know who you are!), you'll have already seen these:

And now--back to life and an amazingly jam-packed week ahead. I'm kind of freaking out, there's so much to do. So I think I'll go do some of it and then write more later. Buh-bye!

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