Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Like My Non-Boring Life

Well, life is still happening at a quick pace around here, so this will be short.

Ryan is 7 years old today! Wow. He's very disappointed because he doesn't think he is "big enough" to be seven. Attempts to get clarification brought him close to tears, so I'm not really sure what he's getting at. He has lately been trying to bargain down the age at which he'll be a grownup, so maybe he thought he'd be a lot taller or something today. (He did cheer up, though!)

I'm sure other moms do this to a certain degree, but on the kids' birthdays, I'm always taken back to What Was I Doing When. And because of the blessing-that's-also-a-curse excellent memory of mine, I can say that 7 years ago at this time of the morning, I was in recovery from the emergency c-section, and Ryan, only a few hours old, was in the "transition nursery" where they keep borderline babies before deciding if they'll go to NICU or be okay to go back to their moms. He didn't pass the test and would spend the next 4 days in NICU and I wouldn't get to hold him until 9:00pm that night, all tiny and hooked up to machines.

Now why did I just do that? :o)

He did have a rough landing that day seven years ago--no one felt it more than I!--but he came through thanks to medical science (go, technology!) and that stubborn streak of his that now irritates me on a daily basis. :p

And now I must go and bake a huge Darth Vader head--chocolate cake with chocolate icing, to be served with chocolate (or vanilla) ice cream! Kid likes chocolate. Gotta say, nothing wrong with that. And he's getting a Big Kid scooter--maybe that'll make him feel like almost-a-grownup. Bye for now!


Trey said...

Happy birthday, Ryan!!!

Kevin McAllister said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

I don't know if it was my 7th, but I definitely had a Darth Vader cake at some point, also R2D2 for another year.

I'm still hoping one of these days to get a light saber for my birthday... I should have been more convincing when arguing for a light saber with my group for my senior design project.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Diana Hsieh said...

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Tenure said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

(I don't think I'm old enough to be 20 this July, but there you go).