Monday, April 06, 2009

Mood Music For The Next Tea Party

We're gonna go to the next one--how about you?

Via Ragamuffin Studies


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really awesome. Thanks! Yep, I'm going! Dan is still waffling (he's concerned about allying with republicans and religionists), but I think these tea parties are a great way to get the right ideas out there. And apparently, so does Craig Biddle! Have you seen this?

Dan and I were going to make fliers, but now we can use these!

Rational Jenn said...

Yes, I saw those! I think we'll bring some to pass around. This is such an opportunity to get folks to read and think about Ayn Rand's ideas, that I just can't pass it up. Our tea party promises to be quite large and should get a lot of attention since conservative talk show guy Sean Hannity will be broadcasting from it. Especially since I'm not a conservative (although I've recently been mistaken for one, which was funny to me!), I want to be there to Represent. :o)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Thanks for the link! I really liked that one. And I am impressed that in general, the Tea Parties have been transcending partisan politics and directing people's attention to the principles upon which this country was founded. Principles which we must get out servant government to return to in order for our children to have a free and prosperous future.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Have the organizers published a defining set of underlying principles, that is, principles that separate them from others?

I have looked but not yet found such a statement of principles.

Kelly Elmore said...

That is the freakin best song ever! If I don't have to miss anything really unmissable at school, I'll be there with you.

Earl said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, thanks for posting this!

I've been lurking on here a bit lately and thought I'd come out and say Hi, and I really enjoy your blog.

As the song went on I got more and more angry (and sad) every time they showed Jefferson and the refrain came on, because it really emphasized how the life's work of this great Founding Father is being systematically dismantled. It somehow re-contextualized the whole big mess we're in, in a way that made it more personal to me. It also gave me all the more resolve to fight on!

I had a tiny disappointment that they brought in Reagan; I would have used Goldwater.