Thursday, April 30, 2009

Need Some Musical Help

Musical movies, that is. We’ve rediscovered Mary Poppins around here lately and it’s been really fun. Although I did have to ‘splain what a run on a bank was—I had forgotten about that dramatic conclusion. Morgan has jumped off of the ottoman holding her umbrella about a thousand times and I think I caught Ryan trying to imitate Dick Van Dyke’s penguin pants.

The kids have also enjoyed The Sound of Music (Nazis!), and of course, Xanadu (roller skates!) Any other classic musicals I need to get them started on? I’m thinking possibly The Music Man. But then I might have to ‘splain about con men.  Do I really want to give him ideas? :o)

Ooooh! What about 1776? Who doesn’t love some singing Founding Fathers?

(PS—this post was written in Live Writer on my new blue little netbook! Squee!)


C. August said...

Gene Kelly. I have no idea how appropriate they'd be for kids, but his movies in the WWII era are awesome. "On the Town" is one of the best movies ever... EVER... and "Singin' in the Rain" is also brilliant. If someone hasn't put together a boxed set of the best Gene Kelly movies... well, they're dumb. I'd buy it.

Rational Jenn said...

Right! Singin' in the Rain! I bet that one is fine, and I'd have to review it, but I think On the Town would be fine, too. It would certainly hold Ryan's interest, what with the War and all.

Of course, they HAVE seen Gene Kelly, because you know he was one of the main stars in . . . XANADU! :o)

Kendall J said...

1776 rocks. One of my absolute favorites.

My Fair Lady.


Oh, The Fantasticks, (loosely based on Rostand's The Romancers)

Kendall J said...

Oh, West Side Story. Guys and Dolls.

Scott said...

Singing in the Rain is my favorite musical, and I recently played it for my 2 1/2 year old son. He really enjoyed it, and likes it when I sing "Good Morning" to him when he wakes up.

Anonymous said...

The Sound of Music! Brigadoon, also with Gene Kelly...great dancing and music :)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

We just watched 1776 a few weeks ago. The Boychick has been wandering around sinking:

"Mr. Adams, my dear Mr. Adams . . ."
right to ". . .life is more than sexual combustibility!"

Try 'splaining that to a worried humanities teacher.

Singing in the Rain was great when I first saw it on Dialing for Dollars when I was a kid.

What about Finnian's Rainbow? Paint Your Wagon? South Pacific?

Especially South Pacific.
Maybe Cabaret is a bit much for the little ones?


Allergy Mom said...

How 'bout "Little Shop of Horrors," but only if your kids aren't dental phobes. many good ones, so few appropriate ones. "Moulin Rouge?" Nope. "Chicago?" Again with the adult themes. "Once More With Feeling" or "Dr. Evil's Sing-a-long Blog?" Um, no. "Sweeney..." Nevermind.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the good responses you get, since we could use some kid friendly ones, too! Libby

I haven't seen "Slumdog Millionaire," but it might have potential.

Beth said...

My kids loved Singing in the Rain -as if you needed another vote on that. Also, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. "Up from the Roses" is such a great song!! Just be prepared b/c it's LONG.

Nowheymama said...

The Wizard of Oz is very popular around here. Also, The Music Man.

Rational Jenn said...

THANKS! Wow, great suggestions. I definitely think we'll hold off on Little Shop, and sadly, Dr. Horrible, though. :o) There's 'splainin' and then there's 'SPLAININ' if you what I mean!

But, Singin' in the Rain and Brigadoon, sigh. And definitely The Music Man and 1776. Possibly South Pacific--although some of the themes in that one are complicated. But the songs!

We've got some iTunes gift cards left over from Christmas so I'm going to see if I can get any of these for free!

Thanks again--I think my head will be filled with good songs for the rest of today.

Kelly Elmore said...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is the best. Livy loved it!! And she got a kick out of seeing Dick Van Dyke after Mary Poppins.

Rational Jenn said...

I think we'll have to try Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again. We actually own it, but the last time I put it on, it held no one's interest--not even mine. Somehow this is a musical movie I missed growing up, which marks it as unusual. Very. Because I can still sing all of the songs to some not-as-well-known musicals like "Babes in Arms" and "Summer Stock" and "State Fair" and others that were big at the time but don't stand out as The Biggies.

So I suppose we'll try CCBB again. I do love Dick Van Dyke. Sing of the times--the kids liked seeing him in Mary Poppins--after realizing he was one of the Bad Guy Security Guard Peopleguys in "Night at the Museum!" They'll probably think of Gene Kelly as that old guy in Xanadu, too. :o)

Rational Jenn said...

I mean SIGN of the times!

I've got singing on my brain, just singing on my brain . . . !

Biscuit said...

I vote for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as well. The lyrics for most of the songs are wonderful, and the movie is grand...except for the one song that Truly Scrumptious sings, which I always have to fast forward through.

"O you pretty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we love you
And our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang loves us too
High low anywhere we go
On Chitty Chitty we depend
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend
Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Our fine four fendered friend

It's uncategorical
A fuel burning oracle
A phantasmagorical machine
It's more than spectacular
To use the vernacular
It's wizard, it's smashing, it's keen!"

Beth said...

Lyrics to The Roses of Success. It could be an anthem for Capitalism!!

Every bursted bubble has a glory!
Each abysmal failure makes a point!
Every glowing path that goes astray,
Shows you how to find a better way.
So every time you stumble never grumble.
Next time you'll bumble even less!
For up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!
From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success!

(spoken)Yes I know but he wants it to float. It will!
For every big mistake you make be grateful!
Here, here!
That mistake you'll never make again!
No sir!
Every shiny dream that fades and dies,
Generates the steam for two more tries!
(Oh) There's magic in the wake of a fiasco!
It gives you that chance to second guess!
Oh yes!
Then up from the ashes, up from the ashes grow the roses of success!
Grow the roses!
Grow the roses!
Grow the roses of success!
Grow the roses!
Those rosy roses!
From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success!
Disaster didn't stymie Louis Pasteur!
No sir!
Edison took years to see the light!
Alexander Graham knew failure well; he took a lot of knocks to ring that
So when it gets distressing it's a blessing!
Onward and upward you must press!
Yes, Yes!
Till up from the ashes, up from the ashes grow the roses of success.

Those rosy ro
Those rosy ro
Those rosy roses!
From the ashes of disaster, grow the roses of success!
Start the engines!
Batten the hatches!
Man the shrouds!
Lift the anchor!

Or just listen to it on U-tube:

LB said...

Can't get enough of that congressional incubator, or Good Morning!

Stella said...

Yet another voice chiming in for "Singin' in the Rain," and "Brigadoon" too.

And you can't beat "Flower Drum Song" for great songwriting -- I played the record over and over again as a little girl. I bet Morgan will dig "I Enjoy Being a Girl"!

Ryan O. said...

I also love Gene Kelly. So, since Singin' in the Rain has been listed extensively and since Ryan likes military things, how about Anchors Aweigh? Not only Gene Kelly, but Frank Sinatra and Jerry the Mouse! As a fan of musicals and as a tap-dancing sailor, I strongly recommend it.

Amy said...

What is the new blue little netbook? I've been thinking about getting a portable word processor that has long battery life, no boot up time, and weighs about a pound, but still has a full sized keyboard, so is about the size of a laptop.

Rational Jenn said...

Here is the netbook I got:

Although I didn't pay that price--it was on sale at Amazon when I bought it and I had gift certs I cashed in--look for sales.

It's awesome, even though it's a Windows machine and we're really Mac people. XP though, no Vista.

It's about the size of a hardcover book, and the battery lasts a looooonnng time--Supposed to be about 8 or 9 hours--I have personally used it about 5 hours straight, with no recharging (some of that it was in sleep mode, as you understand that I get to do NOTHING for actually 5 hours straight, including sleep myself, but you know what I'm getting at!).

I got it so I can write easily on the go. Keyboard is nearly full-sized--so that's not a problem--something that would likely bug me if it wasn't easy to use.

In short--LOVE.

Ardsgaine said...

I second Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and most anything with Gene, espcially On the Town. My kids love that one.

Don't forget Fred Astaire. Even his older movies would be a good addition to their homeschooling. They're never too young to learn to appreciate B&W movies.

Lady Baker said...

I'd add a long forgotten favorite with Richard Chamberlain called, "Slipper and the Rose". It's the Cinderella story from the prince's point of view and it's wonderful (especially the dancing in the crypt!) Honestly, it's really fun :) My five year old loves "Hello Dolly" and knows all about how Horrace Vandergelder is confused because, "He thinks women are only for cleaning." :) I also adore "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"!

Rosalie said...


I haven't seen most of these in years, so maybe they aren't appropriate, but when we were little we used to borrow these from the library: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Happiest Millionaire, The Gnome Machine, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Crimson Wife said...

My kids love the musical versions of Peter Pan and Cinderella.