Monday, April 06, 2009

Productive Weekend

We got quite a bit done this weekend, I'm proud to say! Morgan's room is put back together and is incredibly pink. We can deal with the pink spots in the carpet for now. I know that she truly doesn't care, and I'm having a hard time conjuring up a lot of energy to be irritated by it myself. So I guess that means I officially think it's funny. Yes, yes I do!

Brendan spent quite a bit of time working this weekend, and that's how it will be until this project is finally finished. We're both over how long it's taking, since he is unable to really commit to any other project until it's done. And we kinda need some money! But I think the end is near.

I didn't get pictures of Morgan's birthday festivities up on the FamBlog (as you have no doubt noticed), but they are coming soon. I DID get some planning done for our trip. Oh, have I mentioned we're going on a short trip?

This is "spring break" week. Even though Ryan is not in school, our schedule is still somewhat tied to the school schedule. Almost all of the kids' regular activities are off this week: music class, soccer, chess, dance. So we're taking advantage of that to head up to DC to see my parents. They got a new place last Fall and I'm interested to see it. Also, we're going to take everyone to Mt. Vernon because Ryan is simply dying to see George Washington's house! That should be fun for him. Not sure how the others will enjoy it, but the scenery is nice and there's a big open area in George's backyard for strolling and wandering around that I think will be a Morgan Plan B. We are also planning to go visit a museum or a monument or two.

And the thing I'm most excited about--we have a playdate scheduled with Amy! I can't wait to meet her and her daughter in person.

I wish we could stay up in DC longer this time, but we'll need to get back here before all of our activities start up again. And then that's it--no travel until our annual Outer Banks trip and some exciting adventures coming in the Fall.

So anyway, now I need to go work on the dreaded laundry and figuring out what we need to bring. We still have two days to go, but it takes me a while to pack for all of the kids, especially when they are super-interrupty, which they seem to have a triple dose of today.


Miranda Lake Barzey said...

Ah DC. I wish I could go. I'd love to go back now during the warm weather. It was just horrible during the inauguration. And in terms of monuments, I definitely recommend the Jefferson Memorial. It's my absolute favorite, and the exhibit beneath the monument is illuminating.

LB said...

I'm just plain jealous (of the DC trip, not the legendary pink dots). Have a great time!

Rational Jenn said...

Not sure which memorial we'll make it to--but I also love the Jefferson Memorial. We might just take a tour or walk around the Mall a bit and call it a visit.

I know you wish you had a room with pink carpet, LB! :o) It will be fun to meet Amy in person. Next time I'm up in Boston we'll get together. Dunno when that will be exactly though.