Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Resume Play

Okay, I'm back! Well, kind of.

We had a whirlwind weekend of fun, fun, fun! Pictures to come soon. Our guests left this morning, and have returned to the frigid North (Chicago and MN). We all had a really nice time, yet I'm left with this feeling (once again!) that there's just not enough time on these family get togethers to do everything we'd like.

Living far away from relatives is a mixed-bag. None of our extended family lives closer than a 5-6 hour drive (and that's only one--you know who you are! Hi!).

On one hand--it's a Good Thing. Because there are a few members of both of our families that are--how should I put this?--good in small doses. A little goes a LONG way, if you know what I mean. For the sake of the children (for god's sake! the children!), it's better that some members of the extended family have limited contact while under close supervision by Brendan and me.

But it's also a Bad Thing. Most of our family is great and we love being together. If we lived closer to each other, we wouldn't feel so pressured to cram all of this STUFF into just a few days, you know? Now, we've tried the whole "let's be laid back and just sit around and catch up" agenda in the past, but that doesn't really work because it's only fun to sit around and stare at each other for a couple of hours before it gets boring. And weird.

To look at the Flip Sides though--we seem to get the best of both worlds: Visits to and from those we like best several times a year, and lots of action-packed adventures to boot! Now if I can just figure out how to manage those visits--both kinds, where we are the visitors and the visitees--so that our regular normal lives aren't completely discombobulated once the vacation is over. (There should be a chapter in GTD for that.) Suddenly, I'm behind on bill-paying and writing and stupid things like opening the mail, which never seems important enough to do when I have a house full of guests.

For our next adventure, we'll be going out of town next week for a short visit to some of my fam. And most of both sides of our families will be coming here on or around Sean's first birthday/Morgan's ballet recital in June.

In the meantime, I've got some mail to open . . . .

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Amy said...

Last time we had guests that stayed with us for 2 nights, it took me a full week to catch up with the chores, even including the dishes! The same thing happens when anybody in the house is sick. But part of my problem is that I refuse to dedicate extra time to chores and try to just squeeze in the catching up here and there. I suppose I should set aside a full day to catch up at the end of every vacation or visit.