Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We're Going The Distance...

So we're almost ready to pack up the car and head out. I love not having to leave until lunchtime! With any luck, we'll leave the house in some kind of order and not have to walk into a mess when we return!

I have a semi-brilliant parenting post semi-finished, but it will have to wait. This will be the first road trip we've had in a while without reliable working laptops, so I doubt I'll get to post much. Love my iPhone (writing from it now) but it's not conducive to thinking about semi-serious stuff and certainly not ideal for editing.

We'll get lots of pictures and hope to have them up and going, along with pics from Morgan's birthday party, before Ryan's birthday! That would be awesome if I could pull that off and you should be extremely impressed if I manage to do so!



kelly said...

Have fun and keep us posted!

Kendall J said...

Have fun, write soon!

I have one word for you: netbook.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Travel in safety and return in good health!

Enjoy your weekend!

Tenure said...

Are you going for speed?

Are you all alone, in your time of need?

Tenure said...

In case your blog title wasn't about this song:

Rational Jenn said...

Thank you everyone! My random updates can be found on Twitter, and FB when I remember.

Kendall: will look into this netbook thing, thanks!

Tenure: yep! I love Cake!