Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Food Allergy Twitter Party May 15!


: May 15 at 12 pm Eastern Time AND 10:30 pm Eastern Time

WHERE: The Twittersphere! Hashtag: #foodallergy

HOSTS: Ruth from Best Allergy Sites and Jennifer B from Food Allergy Buzz



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How does a Twitter Party work?

Ruth has a good explanation here, but I'll try to summarize it, too. Basically, it's a chat on Twitter.

At the designated times, the panelists will make sure to be on Twitter and we're going to be answering questions about food allergies. If you have a question, send out your tweet (you'll need that Twitter account--it's free!) and be sure to put "#foodallergy" somewhere in your message. You can follow along with the chat by searching the hashtag--my iPhone twitter program will do this, and there are lots of online sites that help you do this easily, too (here's one).

So what's your food allergy question? Need advice for navigating restaurants and schools? How to talk to family and friends? Thoughts about reading labels? Wondering how to use an Epi-pen? Wondering what to talk to your allergist about? Are you or your loved one newly diagnosed or an old hand at this?

Come and ask your question, chat, learn, and get support from some of the best food allergy bloggers and twitterers I know! You can't find such a supportive, kind, knowledgeable group of advocates for improving the lives of those with food allergies in one place.

What a great idea for Food Allergy Awareness Week. Thanks Ruth and Jennifer B for planning this party! I'm honored to be participating as a panelist.


Jane Anne said...

I am pretty new to Twitter but this looks like fun. Do I need to add (or follow) the panelists?

My latest post: Kindergarten Bound with Allergies

Rational Jenn said...

Hi Jane Anne! LOVED your post about Kindergarten. Please consider submitting it to the next Living with Food Allergies blog carnival--you have a lot of good advice that I'm sure many would be interested in reading.

For the twitter party, it will help if you follow the panelists, but you should be able to follow the chat stream by using the link I provided and searching #foodallergy. But follow us--we love followers and I can't speak for the rest, but I will always follow someone else who is someone I share an interest with--and we definitely share an interest!

Jane Anne said...

Ok, thanks. You will have to remind me when the next carnival is. I imagine that info will be on your blog or maybe you will tweet that (or both). I am off to start following people.

Kelly said...

I am really looking forward to this! What a great idea!