Friday, May 22, 2009

A Funny Streak

Morgan is on quite a funny streak lately. Everything out of her mouth cracks me up. First, nibbles. Then Grum Punch. Yesterday, she very sincerely congratulated me for "always making to the potty in time." (Which I took as a compliment--I love to have my accomplishments acknowledged, you know!)

Then a little while ago, she was playing with a letter game, spelling out words (homeschooling-mommy-moment: "yeah!"). She shouted out, "Mom! I made and!"

Me: "Awesome! Look at you!"

Morgan: "And I also spelled boo!"

Me: "Oh cool. You mean boo! like a ghost?"

Morgan: "No I mean the other kind of boo."

Me, thinking she couldn't possibly know who Boo Radley is yet: "What other kind of boo?"

Morgan: "You know...the kind you drink, like wine and stuff. Booze. Only I spelled just one boo."

I can't. stop. laughing. :D

Another amusing tale from today: while sitting in the waiting area at the oil change place, I was letting Sean explore the diaper bag. (Note to self: don't bring children on such errands without tons of entertaining activities--what was I thinking?) The bag was on the chair between me and another customer.

Sean was quietly occupied for about 7 seconds when I glanced up to see him waving a feminine hygiene product at the poor man next to us, who was just staring with popped eyes at it--him--us--dunno.

I switched out that item for a more Sean-appropriate thing, and then immediately got on Twitter! This is how I do now--I couldn't even feel embarrassed in the least--but I knew I had to share the story with Twitter & Facebook (and of course the blog--it's all about the blog)! I think it's a sign of how my priorities are aligned properly. Why waste time being embarrassed when you can get a funny story out of it?

Here's a picture of my girl-who-spells-the-singular-of-booze:

Morgan's dog face! (Really owe inventor of washable markers t... on Twitpic

And a very markery Sean (couldn't get him to unclench his fists, but they were blue, too):

Sean with a marker moustache! on Twitpic

Now, back to my regularly scheduled afternoon with some very, very funny children. Who knows what'll happen next? Hmmm.....Ryan's been awful quiet this afternoon.....I'll keep you posted!


LB said...

Well done!

Embarrassment avoided and you made me laugh like Muttley.

Kevin McAllister said...

Morgan, that was excellent! The singular of Booze! I also love those types of misapplied generalizations. It shows the conceptual faculty fully at work looking to abstract away non-essential details.

In her honor I may have a single boo tonight in the form of a glass of Guinness.

Maartje said...

That was hilarious! I very much enjoyed reading about Morgan's new "exploits" =)

Rational Jenn said...

Thank you, all! LB--I appreciate the linky love.

Kevin, it didn't occur to me until you mentioned it, but yes, this is evidence that she is integrating concepts like crazy. Smartie little thing.

Maartje, welcome and thanks for stopping by!