Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Well this Mother's Day is shaping up to be a nice one! Thanks to Brendan and the Big Kids, I got my annual wish to sleep in past 9. That's two years in a row--I'm living the dream, baby!

I came downstairs with the baby to an empty house. As I wrote on Twitter yesterday, isn't it ironic that the best Mom's Day gift is solitude? When Brendan and the kids returned, they presented me with Starbucks (triple grande vanilla latte) and Ryan gave me the biggest, squeeziest hug ever! I've been struggling with his rottenness challenges lately and of course how wrong I've been. It's evident that he is the sweetest boy ever to have walked the face of the planet! :o) (As an aside--isn't it funny when they do that--give you all sorts of headaches and then are super adorable?)

We were planning to maybe go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival today, but it's supposed to be thunderstormy later, and Brendan has a bit of work to get done anyway. So we're going to hang around and get some overdue house projects done. This may be a sign of my age or domesticity or questionable sanity--but the thought of getting house projects done is exciting! Seriously. When did I become a grownup? It's very disturbing.

Then we're going to make hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill (that can be done rain or shine) and I'm making grilled asparagus, too! Love me some grilled asparagus--so easy and yummy.

Hope all of you have a lovely Sunday, too! And if you're a Mommy, then Happy Mother's Day! I really hope you got to sleep in and start your day with Starbucks.


Kelly Elmore said...

So far my day as been good too! Aaron stepped manfully into the Mother's Day breach and got Livy to make me the most adorable picture frame (which I of course put a picture of her in). He got me flowers. We all walked to La Parilla for lunch and then to the square and home. We'll be at your Mother's Day grill out soon. What a good day!

Kelly Elmore said...

Oh, and I got to sleep in and then play on the computer in bed all morning while Aaron and Livy played a game on the computer.